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    About a week ago my rear 10bolt started to show that it needed to be rebuilt, but i was thinkin about puting in a old Dana 60(SF) rear out of a F-250 that my friend was going to sell for $50. Its got 8 lug axle shafts and i think 3.73s. and i was thinkin about geting that rebuilt (bearings, seals & 6 lug axle shafts put in) I know this will get to be lots o $$$$ but i was not sure if it would be worth it. and if i do this will i run into a lot of problems? I have never replaced a rear with a different kind of rear so this will be a somthin new to me so any advice will be apreciated. Like a lot of people im on a limited budget( im cheap as hell).

    PS is it true that to take out a carrier in a D60 u need a case spreader?
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    Just my $.02 here butI have seen a lot more SF D60's busted then FF. Also I will assume you will need to reloacate the perches and possible shock mounts. For all the work and expense I would either just go 3/4 ton or get a 12B and some aftermarket axle shafts

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