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    I found this on ORC and sent the guy a shout. Might be pretty cool...just passin it along.
    Here's the message he sent back:

    Hi Bryan,
    The Texas get together at Speedzone is open to anyone! Of course wed prefer only Chevy's and GMC's, but well tolerate a Ford or Dodge :)

    Plz stop by <a target="_blank" href=http://www.fullsizechevy.com>www.fullsizechevy.com</a> . Were voting on which dates are better for everyone. Click on the General tab once there and then you should see a "FSC Poll" or something like that.

    Speedzone is giving FullsizeChevy.com a discounted rate by making available to us a 3 hour pass for $39.95. You can ride as many rides and play as many games as you can in those 3 hours.

    If you decide youd like to join us, plz let me know so i can give my contact at SpeedZone the number of participants. Also, plz let me know how many of your friends would like a pass also.

    Ill be needing a 50% deposit soon and the rest is due when we get to SpeedZone. Check www.fullsizechevy.com for info on the final date and deadline for deposit.

    Again, the date were shooting for is October 12th or 14th. I think well be doing it the 14th to tell you the truth. Its hard for people to get off work on the 12th and drive up to Dallas, so I think Sunday is better.

    Take care and let me know what you decide. Wed love to have a bunch of people there.
    Oh, were also going to grab a bite at Hooters nearby either before or after SpeedZone.

    Here's his email: "Henry Carmona" &lt;jcarmona@satx.rr.com&gt;

    Sherman, Tx
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