damage - what years go well with 88 jimmy?

Discussion in '1973-1991 K5 Blazer | Truck | Suburban' started by camango, Nov 14, 2002.

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    Mar 3, 2002
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    ok folks - here are pics of my ride - i wish it was under better circumstances that i was posting them

    so can anyone give a little advice based on the pics?
    the truck runs and drives ok - but i've been told to junk it ???
    if i have to get a donor truck, what years can i use? i'd like to build a 73-77 model if possible (a '72 would be really nice)

    budget is a huge factor, looks and bodywork are my least concern right now

    here's the pics -

    thanks for any help
    lou /forums/images/graemlins/ears.gif
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    Budget is a huge factor?? Well how much can you spend??
    You can fix that one but it would be cheaper to find a parts K5 and use that frame and body work - if you are happy with the rest of your truck that is. Otherwise sell yours as a parts truck to someone else and get a bus ticket to Arizona with $3000 cash and then drive your new K5 home.
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    That is just sickening... bent frame makes it tough to salvage. I know of two Blazers near me that may be suitable, I sent you a PM.
  4. Rolled

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    That frame will be a problem. You could get a new one cheap but the work involved swapping everything over might be too much. You might be able to get a frame shop to fix it though. I read another post where someone said something about fixing a frame for $300.

    As for the rest:

    Front clip = 81 to 91
    Bumper = 81 to 91
    Doors = 77 to 91 - 73 to 76 will fit but are 1/8 longer

    I purchased my front clip for $400 - it was 110% mint. I could have got it for as little as $200 if I wanted to do a little body work to it.

    I got my doors for $250/set - they were %110 percent mint including the mirrors and door panels. They were also power doors. I spent a month or so looking for doors, a decent set is hard to find (I looked at 50 pairs, at the least) and I live in a city with a few million people. Decent standard doors would have run from $50 to $75 each and decent power doors would run $100 to $150 each.

    I ended up with two front bumpers. One with turn signals for $20 and one without turn signals for $25. Both were %95 perfect, just a very small ding or two. There were a lot for $20 to $50 around town.

    BTW - I am in Phoenix AZ. Prices in your area could be much different from here.

    Good Luck

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