Dana 44 / 10-bolt axle shafts

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    Feb 24, 2000
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    Okay, I've got a question for you.
    I have a '90 K5 with a front 10-bolt that came with 30 spline shafts from the factory. On a recent trip I broke an axle u-joint (due to lack of maintenance on my part), and of course it messed up the yokes. I have been trying to find a junkyard with these shafts but since the 30 spline front 10-bolt was only made a couple of years there are really rare. My question is, has anybody used Dana 44 shafts in a front 30 spline 10-bolt? I know Fourwheeler magazine did this on the project Blazer with no problems noted (I'll have to go home and re-read the article), but does anybody else have experience with doing this. I know the pressure angle of the inner splines is a little different and the new Warn catalog lists a slight length difference on the inner shafts for their chromoly ones (the 28 spline 10-bolt vs. GM Dana 44). The outer shafts are the same.
    Any thoughts, comments, or suggestions..........
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    I've got a 10 bolt 30 spline axle on my '89 right now. I'm putting 3/4 ton diffs under there in early June. If you want the axle or parts let me know where you are and we'll work out a price.

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