Dana 44 / 12 Bolt revival

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    I was out walking through my uncle's yard around the shop and just for fun I walked over to the far corner. Hmm, a frame half burried in a snow bank, probably isnt an old GM but what the heck. I go over and look a little closer, hmm, that axle looks like a twelve bolt. I dig out the front, hey wait, this ain't a 10 bolt front, its a Dana! I pop the cover off the rear and everything looks practically new. I look on the ring gear and it says 41:11, a 3.73. So basically I had a 3.73 Dana and a 12 bolt fall outta the sky for free [​IMG]

    I want to get these 3.73's in my '82 Silverado and get those 3.08s out. What should I do to bring the 3.73s back to life? Should I use my old drums becuase I know they work or get some pads for the 3.73. Should I use any of my old stuff up front or just redo the 3.73. I have no clue what to do. I'm not in the mood for a really really in depth tune up like doing bearings in the pumpkin and stuff, but just things I should do prior to installation. Thanks [​IMG]
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    For the rear I'd clean out the diff with brake clean and give it a good inspection. Look for busted teeth or any other obvious damage. New gasket and refill the oil. Then use the best drums you have and throw on a new set of rear shoes. Get the drums turned though.
    For the front mostly the same deal, although damage would be less likely. Check for ball joint wear and inspect all the steering parts, look for torn rubber boots, lots of play etc. If everything checks OK then disassemble the outers. Pull the rotor off and check the spindle for and heat marks or scoring, re-pack the bearings in whichever rotors are better after you get them turned and throw some new pads on it. If your old front has auto hubs nows the time to chuck 'em [​IMG]

    I'm sure there's more or something I overlooked but thats all I can think of right now.


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