Dana 60 wheel bearing install info

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    I have seen a couple different procedures for torque down the wheel bearing nuts on a Dana 60 listed.
    I did mine the way the factory 79 shop manual said and it is just plain smooth.

    I'm posting this for general info:

    1. With wheel turning (easiest with a friend) torque it to 50 ft lbs.
    2. Back off 1/4 turn
    3. With wheel turning torque to 35 ft lbs.
    4. Back off 1/4 turn.
    5. Install lockring (with bendable tabs) and second nut.
    6. Torque to 65 ft lbs.
    7. Bend tab on lockring over a slot on the nut (to prevent it from loosening.) If none on the slots line up with any of the tabs, tighten just enough so that it does line up. Do not loosen it to line it up.

    Then go wheel the heck out of it.
    -- Mike
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    seat the bearings, by titghtening the first nut.
    back nut off
    then while spinning hub tighten until you feel drag OR until you can no longer move hub in and out.
    the object is usually zero lash on oil filled bearings and a bit loose on grease filled.
    torque wrench is not required.

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