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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by dremu, Jun 5, 2006.

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    Why is it that nobody thinks of me?

    Well, besides I would arbitrarily close any prime-numbered thread, and insist that everyone call me "King Emu" and refer to RJ as "The One The Great The Holy Seer Of All That Is Weird And Incorrigible"? :haha:

    And I donno that Desert Rat wants the job :rolleyes:

    -- A
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    I'm up for it.

    Love and Peacemakers!
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    Here is my .02 on the mod thing. When you identify yourself with an organization, it completely changes your ability to speak your mind. If every person on CK5 prefaced every post they made with their exact job title, company, and location, pretty soon the content of their posts would be inexorably linked to that profession. Say for example that a person always posted "My name is X, I am a mechanic for such and such company in so and so city". Then they posted their opinions. After a while, the companies reputation would be linked to that person, good or bad. This is why I have never spoken much on my personal life, job, or organization I work for. When you take on the responsibility of being a mod, you forever change your ability to be frank with your opinions, speak out against things you disagree with, or just be an asshat once in a while. That green mod banner below your name prohibits you from being completely open with your posts, places a heavy burden on you to alway be professional and never have a bad day. The moment you become unprofessional, the site suffers, not just your personal reputation.

    How many times have we seen somebody post "I can't believe you as a mod did such and such?". It doubly complicates matters when you are responsible for such an unruly forum as the Lounge. Paul and the other mods are constantly biting their lips and tearing their hair out I'm sure. I would bet that Paul would love to wade into some posts with blunt opinions, but is prohibited from doing so by his responsibilities as a mod. As a result, he no doubt has to write and re-write his responses crafting them as diplomatically as possible so as to get the point across without alienating members or being misunderstood. This is quite different than the rest of us who get to post most anything within reason. So, being a mod may not be as great a job as some might think. Be careful what you wish for, it might come true and you may live to regret it. Riding herd on CK5 takes a certain personality and fortitude that not everybody has. Without trying to kiss the ass of the mods, I respect them for putting the time in doing what they do. You really put yourself out on a limb open to scrutiny, criticism, and headaches that none of the rest of us have to deal with. Any non-mod can walk anytime they want. The site owner and the mods have an emotional investment that makes it more difficult to just turn your back and walk away.

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