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    whenever I am on a long trip or am driving at 45mph or over and come to a quick stop, my brake warning light comes on. My brake pads and shoes are fairly new, fluid is full and the truck stops just like it always has. Any suggestions?
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    When you brake and come to a stop if you don't release the brake pedel will it slowly make it's way to the floor? If it does your master cylinder needs to be replaced.
    I too had the red light problem but my brake system all checked out???So I wanted to drain the flid and try bench bleeding the master cylinder. When I started removing the brake fluid from the master I saw something in the fluid. It was a complete silver top that you peel off the top of the brakefluid bottle top. I took it out and refilled the fluid and no more red light problem. My guess is that the silver top was floating around untill I applied the breaks and then the top blocked off the outlet causing low pressuer light to come on.
    Good Luck

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