Dashboard Vinyl Dye - Part II

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    OK, I got the SEM's in and have removed the dash. I cleaned it and fixed (kinda half assed) the cracks. I did not try to get it perfect since I am going to get a dash pad soon. The SEM's works great!!! My dash is drying now and although there are some spots were the color is slightly off (I am sure it is from something that soaked in over the past 16 years) but it looks great. I have taken pics of the entire process.

    During this time I have also removed all my AC ducting and have found some reasons why it is not blowing at full power. The duct outlet over the AC control unit was not attached correctly. There is a small bolt that attaches and secures the position of the duct to this outlet. This blolt was loose (very loose) and the duct dropped down - effectively airconditioning the inside of the dashboard. Also, the foam gasket around these ducts were rotten and sometimes missing. I removed the ducting work and am replacing the foam gaskets and also sealing the seams in the duct work. I have pics of this and will post them once all my dash work is complete.

    P.S. You would be suprised how much dust and crap in general collects inside these ducts.

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