Dateline SUV rollover program

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    I know there's already a post on this, but to throw in my thoughts-here's another one. What pee's me off more than anything is that 1. They (all those news mags) run this same type of program every year. 2.(more importantly) ALLLLLL THE WRONG(read: ignorant)PEOPLE WILL GET THE WRONG IDEA AND NOT CONSIDER ALL THE FACTS!!!!!!!!! 3. That line about 22% of "car deaths" from rollovers vs. 67%(?) in SUV's is one of those "so what" statistics. What about sheer numbers of deaths from cars vs. SUV's? Lots more in cars, because......DUH: there are more cars than SUV's! What about deaths from t-bone accidents? Do they care about that? What about head on's? I'd rather be in an SUV for any type of accident!!!!!!!!!!! Furthermore, (i'll admit I didn't watch last night, I didn't need to...seen one you've seen them all, every year!) have they ever had a new Blazer(sorry, I mean TAHOE/YUKON, but that's another post!)They're (Tahoe/Yukon) much wider, therefore, significantly more stable than any of the mid/mini SUV's out there! Let's get this s_ _ t out to the public in a more truthful manner, pointing out the neglected stat's the spinsters leave out to bolster their point!!!!!!!!
    There's my steam. Thanks for listening!

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