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    What are your thoughts on the Atlas transfercases. im just weighing out all my options so when i have the $$ i can just do it. the reason im even thinking about it is because of the mods i need to do for the doubler and i still have to find the transfercases. and all i have to buy for the atlas is the TC/adapter/shifters/driveshafts... do these hold up to fullsizes, gimme some insight please

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    I have ran the Atlas II in my K5 for about 3 or 4 months now, and love it. I did get the 32 spline output front &amp; rear for added strength. DBlazer and I have both broken D60 stub shafts and numerous other parts, but nothing yet on the Atlas. The twin stick is great if you run front lockers, but the ORD Doubler can be converted to that also. The Doubler is a little longer, but that shouldn't be a problem in a fullsize. The best thing about the doubler is that you have a choice between 2:1 or 4:1 TC ratios. It should be relatively easy, depending on where you live, to find most of the stuff needed for the Doubler on this board. Basically, I would say that if you can find the stuff, go with the Doubler and a Currie twin stick, but if you can't, go with the Atlas. My $.02.

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    I'm also very interested in this. It seems with all the pain of scrounging up parts or ordering complete the cost is comparable. With the AtlasII you get something that is brand new compared to rebuilt. Do both the atlasII and Doubler require driveshafts and crossmembers? Do they both require floorboard modification? I run a very mild 350 but I plan on building it to a 383 when it gets tired. I have not broken anything on my Dana 60 yet. I also want a plug and play unit but it seems that either way mods are necessary.

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    Another alterantive is the Klune-V. It's basicly a planetary gear box that goes between the case and the tranny. Really gives you the same gains as a Doubler but with lower gearsets available. Sweet thing is you can select the input and output style. That way you can attach a TH350 to a TH400 NP205. Downside is they are pricy. Probably not as strong as a doubler. Driveline lenght with a 203 might also be a problem. It is another option. Now put a Klune in front of an Atlas...now you would have some serious gear choices.

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