Deal gone bad and I am pissed

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by blazindorito, Mar 1, 2007.

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    This guy at Vandenburg AFB has a rifle for sale. It is a Browning 25wssm. We finally agree on a price $500 for the rifle including bases, rings and half the transfer fees which are $25. He then calls me and I get a verbal agreement for the same amount. One hour later he sends me an email stating that he wants $500 for the rifle alone and $550 for the bases and rings. Then he goes on to say that he wants $600 for all rifle, bases, rings, ammo, and rifle sling.

    What bothers me the most is that I asked him to send me an email which included the price of the rifle and everything that we agreed on for $500 . That way I didn't get burned on the deal.

    He sends me an email saying how his word means alot and he would never burn anyone. He is an honest guy and would never do anything to burn anyone. He then confirms what we had agreed on.

    I have had a rough week at work and home and was looking forward to picking up a new rifle. Just to take a drive for 2 hours and relax. I had cancelled all plans for this Saturday and found someone to work for me on Saturday. Just to have this guy tell me something different. I am pissed because I spent a lot of time preparing things to leave on Saturday just to have this guy with no honor to his word back out of a deal. Oh well I'll start looking again.
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    that hurts man, the one that got away, sounds like a helluva deal though! how much ammo?
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    The guy's obviously a turd, but at least you didn't drive two hours to have him flake on you.

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