Delay wiper kit Q's

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    Delay wiper kit Q\'s

    So I installed a delay wiper kit on to my 78 blazer, and it only works properly if you have it set to delay the least amount of time, like 2 sec. If I try to turn it up to delay them longer, like 5 or 10 sec. the wipers will make continuous sweeps, like 2, 3 or more times, then stop and rest for a 2 sec. delay, then go again doing the same thing.

    Anyone know what I've done wrong, or what I could do to fix this? I'm sure it's wired in right, except for the park/return wire. I found that the park/return circuit had 2 wires running to it, and with it hooked up to one, the wipers would stop at various places on the winsheild, and with it hooked to the other it now works, but only for a very small delay.

    Thanks in advance for any help

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