Designing a Blazer frame???

Discussion in 'OffRoad Design' started by Brian 89KBlazer, Jun 14, 2001.

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    I wanted to call you to discuss this (and will when I order my x-over steering & other parts) but thought it might be more beneficial if everyone saw/had some input on this.

    What are some key things to change on the Blazer frame when building a new one from scratch out of rect. boxed tubing? I will be tying the cage to the frame & will probably go with an 8-point cage through the firewall (as you suggested awhile ago) to reinforce the front end of the frame as well.

    What ideas do you have on what to change from stock? Re-angle steering box, modify body mounts, change suspension geometry, relocate engine/tranny, etc????

    Everyone including Stephen please feel free to add comments.


    P.S. I already have 6" BDS Springs for front & rear so no multi-link coils yet![​IMG][​IMG]
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    I know that the rear springs are a different length appart on 69-72 and 73-91 Blazers but I can't remember which is narrower (note time of post). Go with the narrower one so that it will articulate better. Also while you are at it why not design it to use the longer springs off of the IFS trucks that some people have converted to. A hole new frame sounds like a great idea (as well as one He!! of alot of work). I would think of mounting the body back farther on the frame, cutting off the front fenders level with the top of the wheel well, and stretching the rear wheel wells foward to center it on the rear axle. This would allow using larger tires without as much lift. Than the rear could be trimmed and a p/u taile gate installed.

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    Boy, where to start!
    Figure out all the mounting details before you start, or be prepared to go backwards some. Stuff like how to hang the transfer cases is important. Also keep in mind clearances around the t-cases and trans for exhaust, etc.
    Angling the steering box down is a good idea, but I think you'll have problems with the pitman arm and the spring coming in contact with one another.
    You'll have to built outriggers to get out to the cage mounting points, so start the design with them as part of it.
    that's all I can think of right now....'
    oh yeah, don't bother with bushing mounts between the frame and cage, weld them all together solid. You're going to be at a point where the extra vibration absorbtion won't matter.

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