Diagnostic Trouble Codes List

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    Connect a jumper wire between A and B terminals on dash connector. Turn ignition on. Code 12 will flash three times, then codes in memory will be displayed. Do not run engine with jumper wire connected
    Remove ECM fuse for 10 seconds to clear memory.
    IF all else fales use A BFH!
    For example. If engine light flashes 4 times and then you get a pause then flashes 3 times. Thats Code43(KNOCK SENSOR)
    Code 12 No tach reference to pcm
    code 13 Oxygen sensor circut
    Code 13 engine shut off solenoid(diesel)
    Code 14 shorted engine coolant temp sensor
    Code 15 coolant temp sensor high
    code 17 spark reference circut
    Code 17 high resolution circut fault
    Code 18 pump cam refernce pulse error
    Code 19 crankshaft position refernce error
    Code 21 tps circut, voltage high
    Code 22 tps, voltage low
    Code 23 open or ground mc solenoid(carb)
    Code 23 Intake air temp sensor temp low
    Code 23 tps sensor not calibrated(diesel)
    Code 24 vss circut
    Code 27 tps circut fault
    Code 28 transmission range presure switch
    Code 29 glow plug relay
    Code 31 map sensor too low(diesel)
    Code 32 EGR vacuum sensoe circut
    Code 33 map sensor voltage high
    Code 34 map or vacuum sensor cricut(carb)
    Code 34 map sensor voltage low
    Code 35 Idle air control switch shorted
    Code 36 transaxle shift problem
    Code 37 tcc brake switch stuck on
    Code 38 tcc brake switch shut off
    Code 39 torque converter clutch problem
    Code 41 no distributor pulse to ecm
    Code 42 ic or ic bypass circut grounded or open
    Code 43 knock sensor
    Code 44 a/f mixture lean
    Code 44 and 45 faulty oxygen sensor
    Code 45 rich a/f mixture
    Code 51 faulty prom or instalation
    Code 52 fuel calpak
    COde 52&53 system voltage high(s-series)
    Code 53 EGR vacuum sensor vacumm incorrect(86-88)
    Code 53 system over voltage(4cyl)
    Code 53 prom(v6-V8 Gas)
    Code 53 5 volt v-ref overload(v8 diesel)
    Code 54 shorted mc solenoid or faulty ecm(carb)
    Code 54 fuel pump relay(Fi)
    Code 55 Grounded v-ref,faulty oxygen sensor or ecm
    Code 56 Quad drive b circut problem
    Code 58 Transmission fluid temp circut shorted
    Code 59 transmission fluid temp circut open
    Code 61 cruise vent solenoid circut
    Code 62 cruise vac solenoid circut
    Code 63 cruise system problem
    Code 66 3-2 control solenoid
    Code 67 torque converter clutch solenoid
    Code 69 torque converter clutch stuck on
    Code 72 vehicle speed sensor circut loss
    Code 73 pressure control solenoid fault
    Code 74 transmission input speed sensor
    Code 75 system voltage low
    Code 79 transmission fluid over temp
    Code 81 2-3 shift solenoid circut
    Code 82 1-2 shift solenoid circut
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    Whats up <font color="blue"> BLUEBIE </font>
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