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    Trying to use voice recognition in Word 2003 is amusing

    A couple of fun tests

    O’Neal is one of the new ones who founded the lost the right of all the strong push a great movies

    Oni was one of the new ones, the found of the lost, the right in all this wrong. Plus she had great boobies.

    Repetition upon repetition of the singular mechanical process which expelled shining rows of words and listing little words

    Repetition upon repetition of a singular mechanical process which expelled shining brass upwards and twisting lead outwards.

    And in that singular moment this guy’s dark in the rain fell edge of my screen and those looking for a way to enchant a magical teacher that might make the two are to the press that are

    …and in that singular moment, the skies darkened, the rain fell, I dropped my ice cream, and I was looking for a way to enchant a magical t shirt of my making to contour to the breast better

    This one was just a bunch of strung together swears! -

    Use the having passed through a couple of other funding, but become the storm of their father leading contents reading while linking out of the ship healed fox did not pass little reading the age of the two tone for mother and a thousand of the fathers running your way around the streets gambling for money in the quarter and if you lose your immediate been scary man with a big old. Shopping in reading your hands because you can afford the unit to a doll is he lost so he can go by another bottle of the party and should get up for the rest of the nine

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