Did someone pay for my membership this month?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by thatK30guy, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. thatK30guy

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    Jan 12, 2001
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    Its almost the end of September and I'm still on here as a member and posting, etc. etc.

    I know I always had to renew the membership around the middle of Sept. And for some reason, I haven't had to break out the credit card yet.

    So man up, which one of you guys paid for mine? I need to know an address to send the Schaefers Light beer to. :bow:
  2. BigOrange90Jimmy

    BigOrange90Jimmy 1/2 ton status Premium Member

    May 24, 2002
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    Wilmington, NC
    Damn. I was going to own up to it until I got to this point:

  3. Inu-Hanyou1776

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    Oct 1, 2005
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    Murphy, NC
    Definitely wasn't me. I just renewed mine myself.
  4. thatK30guy

    thatK30guy 1 ton status Premium Member

    Jan 12, 2001
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    Ha! I knew this would keep many posters from trying to get some free beer! :haha:
  5. boggerless

    boggerless 1 ton status Premium Member

    May 26, 2003
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    dearborn heights, Michigan
    twernt me. but i woulda if i had known.:D
  6. chevyfumes

    chevyfumes Court jester Premium Member

    Feb 24, 2000
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    Watch for the muzzleflash!
    Send me the beer dammit...
  7. thatK30guy

    thatK30guy 1 ton status Premium Member

    Jan 12, 2001
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    Even cheap beer?
  8. chevyfumes

    chevyfumes Court jester Premium Member

    Feb 24, 2000
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    Watch for the muzzleflash!
    Well I don't break out the good stuff when family comes over...:haha:
  9. thatK30guy

    thatK30guy 1 ton status Premium Member

    Jan 12, 2001
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    Did you know if you scrambled the letters in the word "mother in law" that you would come up with............(and yes, use each letter once)

    Figure it out. I will give the answer later.
  10. dremu

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    Feb 27, 2000
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    East of San Francisco
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    worn am lithe
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    when moral it
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    when molar it
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    when lam trio
    when lam tori
    when lam riot
    when air molt
    when tram oil
    when mart oil
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    when roam lit
    when oar milt
    when ram toil
    when mar toil
    when arm toil
    when tam roil
    when mat roil
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    hewn mitral o
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    hewn lair mot
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    hewn mila rot
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    hewn mail rot
    hewn ail mort
    hewn mortal i
    hewn moral ti
    hewn moral it
    hewn molar ti
    hewn molar it
    hewn alto rim
    hewn lam trio
    hewn lam tori
    hewn lam riot
    hewn air molt
    hewn tram oil
    hewn mart oil
    hewn roam til
    hewn roam lit
    hewn oar milt
    hewn ram toil
    hewn mar toil
    hewn arm toil
    hewn tam roil
    hewn mat roil
    went rail ohm
    went liar ohm
    went lair ohm
    went mila rho
    went mail rho
    went moral hi
    went molar hi
    went oral him
    went halo rim
    went harm oil
    went ham roil
    newt rail ohm
    newt liar ohm
    newt lair ohm
    newt mila rho
    newt mail rho
    newt moral hi
    newt molar hi
    newt oral him
    newt halo rim
    newt harm oil
    newt ham roil
    women trial h
    women trail h
    new mitral oh
    new mitral ho
    new trial ohm
    new trail ohm
    new rail moth
    new liar moth
    new lair moth
    new hail mort
    new mortal hi
    new moral hit
    new molar hit
    new loath rim
    new halo trim
    new hair molt
    new hoar milt
    new harm toil
    new roam hilt
    new math roil
    wont rail hem
    wont liar hem
    wont lair hem
    wont mila her
    wont mail her
    wont realm hi
    wont real him
    wont earl him
    wont heal rim
    wont hale rim
    wont lam hire
    wont lam heir
    wont hair elm
    wont air helm
    wont harm lie
    town rail hem
    town liar hem
    town lair hem
    town mila her
    town mail her
    town realm hi
    town real him
    town earl him
    town heal rim
    town hale rim
    town lam hire
    town lam heir
    town hair elm
    town air helm
    town harm lie
    won mitral he
    won mitral eh
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    won trail hem
    won rail them
    won liar them
    won lair them
    won hail term
    won thermal i
    won later him
    won alter him
    won alert him
    won realm hit
    won lathe rim
    won heal trim
    won hale trim
    won lea mirth
    won ale mirth
    won lath rime
    won lath mire
    won halt rime
    won halt mire
    won malt hire
    won malt heir
    won lam their
    won hair melt
    won harem til
    won harem lit
    won hear milt
    won hare milt
    won ream hilt
    won mare hilt
    won hart mile
    won hart lime
    won harm tile
    won ram lithe
    won mar lithe
    won arm lithe
    own mitral he
    own mitral eh
    own trial hem
    own trail hem
    own rail them
    own liar them
    own lair them
    own hail term
    own thermal i
    own later him
    own alter him
    own alert him
    own realm hit
    own lathe rim
    own heal trim
    own hale trim
    own lea mirth
    own ale mirth
    own lath rime
    own lath mire
    own halt rime
    own halt mire
    own malt hire
    own malt heir
    own lam their
    own hair melt
    own harem til
    own harem lit
    own hear milt
    own hare milt
    own ream hilt
    own mare hilt
    own hart mile
    own hart lime
    own harm tile
    own ram lithe
    own mar lithe
    own arm lithe
    now mitral he
    now mitral eh
    now trial hem
    now trail hem
    now rail them
    now liar them
    now lair them
    now hail term
    now thermal i
    now later him
    now alter him
    now alert him
    now realm hit
    now lathe rim
    now heal trim
    now hale trim
    now lea mirth
    now ale mirth
    now lath rime
    now lath mire
    now halt rime
    now halt mire
    now malt hire
    now malt heir
    now lam their
    now hair melt
    now harem til
    now harem lit
    now hear milt
    now hare milt
    now ream hilt
    now mare hilt
    now hart mile
    now hart lime
    now harm tile
    now ram lithe
    now mar lithe
    now arm lithe
    writhe loan m
    writhe loam n
    writhe lam on
    writhe lam no
    writhe moan l
    writhe man lo
    wither loan m
    wither loam n
    wither lam on
    wither lam no
    wither moan l
    wither man lo
    wire la month
    wire man holt
    weir la month
    weir man holt
    whir mental o
    whir mantle o
    whir mantel o
    whir lament o
    whir lean mot
    whir lane mot
    whir elan mot
    whir tonal me
    whir tonal em
    whir talon me
    whir talon em
    whir loan met
    whir metal on
    whir metal no
    whir meal ton
    whir meal not
    whir male ton
    whir male not
    whir lame ton
    whir lame not
    whir alto men
    whir malt one
    whir loam ten
    whir loam net
    whir lam tone
    whir lam note
    whir la monte
    whir meant lo
    whir name lot
    whir mean lot
    whir mane lot
    whir amen lot
    whir tan mole
    whir ant mole
    whir moan let
    whir an motel
    whir tam lone
    whir mat lone
    whir at monel
    whir at melon
    whir at lemon
    whir a molten
    writ manhole
    writ lean ohm
    writ lane ohm
    writ elan ohm
    writ loan hem
    writ halo men
    writ loam hen
    writ lam hone
    writ man hole
    writ ham lone
    writ ha monel
    writ ha melon
    writ ha lemon
    writ ah monel
    writ ah melon
    writ ah lemon
    withe normal
    withe moral n
    withe molar n
    withe lam nor
    withe la norm
    withe la morn
    withe manor l
    white normal
    white moral n
    white molar n
    white lam nor
    white la norm
    white la morn
    white manor l
    with normal e
    with morale n
    with realm on
    with realm no
    with moral ne
    with moral en
    with molar ne
    with molar en
    with oral men
    with meal nor
    with male nor
    with lame nor
    with lea norm
    with lea morn
    with ale norm
    with ale morn
    with reman lo
    with manor el
    with ran mole
    with man role
    with man lore
    with an morel
    with ram lone
    with mar lone
    with arm lone
    whit normal e
    whit morale n
    whit realm on
    whit realm no
    whit moral ne
    whit moral en
    whit molar ne
    whit molar en
    whit oral men
    whit meal nor
    whit male nor
    whit lame nor
    whit lea norm
    whit lea morn
    whit ale norm
    whit ale morn
    whit reman lo
    whit manor el
    whit ran mole
    whit man role
    whit man lore
    whit an morel
    whit ram lone
    whit mar lone
    whit arm lone
    whim rental o
    whim antler o
    whim altern o
    whim renal to
    whim learn to
    whim lean tor
    whim lean rot
    whim lane tor
    whim lane rot
    whim elan tor
    whim elan rot
    whim tonal re
    whim talon re
    whim loan ret
    whim later on
    whim later no
    whim alter on
    whim alter no
    whim alert on
    whim alert no
    whim real ton
    whim real not
    whim earl ton
    whim earl not
    whim oral ten
    whim oral net
    whim teal nor
    whim tale nor
    whim late nor
    whim lea torn
    whim ale torn
    whim la tenor
    whim ornate l
    whim near lot
    whim earn lot
    whim tan role
    whim tan lore
    whim ant role
    whim ant lore
    whim tar lone
    whim rat lone
    whim art lone
    whim oar lent
    wit renal ohm
    wit learn ohm
    wit normal he
    wit normal eh
    wit manhole r
    wit armhole n
    wit moral hen
    wit molar hen
    wit heal norm
    wit heal morn
    wit hale norm
    wit hale morn
    wit meal horn
    wit male horn
    wit lame horn
    wit lam heron
    wit harm lone
    threw oilman
    threw loan mi
    threw mila on
    threw mila no
    threw mail on
    threw mail no
    threw loam in
    threw lam ion
    threw amino l
    threw main lo
    threw man oil
    threw ma loin
    threw ma lion
    threw am loin
    threw am lion
    whore malt in
    whore lam tin
    whore lam nit
    whore la mint
    whore man til
    whore man lit
    whore an milt
    whore tam nil
    whore mat nil
    whore ma lint
    whore am lint
    wrote ham nil
    tower ham nil
    wert oilman h
    wert nail ohm
    wert lain ohm
    wert loan him
    wert ham loin
    wert ham lion
    wore lam thin
    wore lam hint
    wore man hilt
    wore math nil
    wore ham lint
    worth menial
    worth alien m
    worth nail me
    worth nail em
    worth lain me
    worth lain em
    worth lean mi
    worth lane mi
    worth elan mi
    worth mila ne
    worth mila en
    worth mail ne
    worth mail en
    worth ail men
    worth meal in
    worth male in
    worth lame in
    worth la mine
    worth la mien
    worth main el
    worth ani elm
    worth man lie
    worth an mile
    worth an lime
    worth ma line
    worth ma lien
    worth am line
    worth am lien
    throw menial
    throw alien m
    throw nail me
    throw nail em
    throw lain me
    throw lain em
    throw lean mi
    throw lane mi
    throw elan mi
    throw mila ne
    throw mila en
    throw mail ne
    throw mail en
    throw ail men
    throw meal in
    throw male in
    throw lame in
    throw la mine
    throw la mien
    throw main el
    throw ani elm
    throw man lie
    throw an mile
    throw an lime
    throw ma line
    throw ma lien
    throw am line
    throw am lien
    worm inhale t
    worm entail h
    worm nail the
    worm lain the
    worm lean hit
    worm lane hit
    worm elan hit
    worm halite n
    worm hail ten
    worm hail net
    worm tail hen
    worm ail then
    worm lathe in
    worm heal tin
    worm heal nit
    worm hale tin
    worm hale nit
    worm lea thin
    worm lea hint
    worm ale thin
    worm ale hint
    worm la thine
    worm than lie
    worm tanh lie
    worm an lithe
    worm heat nil
    worm hate nil
    worm hat line
    worm hat lien
    worm ha inlet
    worm ah inlet
    row nail them
    row lain them
    row mental hi
    row mantle hi
    row mantel hi
    row lament hi
    row mila then
    row mail then
    row hamlet in
    row heal mint
    row hale mint
    row meal thin
    row meal hint
    row male thin
    row male hint
    row lame thin
    row lame hint
    row lath mine
    row lath mien
    row halt mine
    row halt mien
    row lam thine
    row anti helm
    row name hilt
    row mean hilt
    row mane hilt
    row amen hilt
    row than mile
    row than lime
    row tanh mile
    row tanh lime
    row man lithe
    row ahem lint
    row math line
    row math lien
    row ham inlet
    whet marlin o
    whet oilman r
    whet normal i
    whet loan rim
    whet mila nor
    whet mail nor
    whet ail norm
    whet ail morn
    whet moral in
    whet molar in
    whet lam iron
    whet la minor
    whet man roil
    whet roam nil
    whet ram loin
    whet ram lion
    whet mar loin
    whet mar lion
    whet arm loin
    whet arm lion
    hew marlin to
    hew nail mort
    hew lain mort
    hew normal ti
    hew normal it
    hew tonal rim
    hew talon rim
    hew loan trim
    hew mitral on
    hew mitral no
    hew tail norm
    hew tail morn
    hew mila torn
    hew mail torn
    hew mortal in
    hew moral tin
    hew moral nit
    hew molar tin
    hew molar nit
    hew oral mint
    hew malt iron
    hew martin lo
    hew rain molt
    hew manor til
    hew manor lit
    hew amort nil
    hew tram loin
    hew tram lion
    hew mart loin
    hew mart lion
    hew roam lint
    wet marlin oh
    wet marlin ho
    wet normal hi
    wet hail norm
    wet hail morn
    wet mila horn
    wet mail horn
    wet lam rhino
    wet harm loin
    wet harm lion
    woe harm lint
    owe harm lint
    mew horntail
    mew hail torn
    mew tail horn
    mew ail thorn
    mew ail north
    mew oral thin
    mew oral hint
    mew lath iron
    mew halt iron
    mew rain holt
    mew than roil
    mew tanh roil
    mew torah nil
    mew hart loin
    mew hart lion
    mew hoar lint
    we horntail m
    we marlin hot
    we normal hit
    we loan mirth
    we rail month
    we liar month
    we lair month
    we mila thorn
    we mila north
    we mail thorn
    we mail north
    we moral thin
    we moral hint
    we molar thin
    we molar hint
    we lath minor
    we halt minor
    we malt rhino
    we manor hilt
    whom retinal
    whom reliant
    whom linear t
    whom entail r
    whom nail ret
    whom lain ret
    whom rental i
    whom antler i
    whom altern i
    whom renal ti
    whom renal it
    whom learn ti
    whom learn it
    whom retail n
    whom trial ne
    whom trial en
    whom trail ne
    whom trail en
    whom rail ten
    whom rail net
    whom liar ten
    whom liar net
    whom lair ten
    whom lair net
    whom ail tern
    whom ail rent
    whom later in
    whom alter in
    whom alert in
    whom real tin
    whom real nit
    whom earl tin
    whom earl nit
    whom la inter
    whom la inert
    whom retina l
    whom retain l
    whom train el
    whom rain let
    whom near til
    whom near lit
    whom earn til
    whom earn lit
    whom rant lie
    whom ran tile
    whom air lent
    whom tear nil
    whom rate nil
    whom era lint
    whom ear lint
    whom are lint
    whom tar line
    whom tar lien
    whom rat line
    whom rat lien
    whom art line
    whom art lien
    who terminal
    who retinal m
    who reliant m
    who mineral t
    who marlin et
    who nail term
    who lain term
    who rental mi
    who antler mi
    who altern mi
    who lean trim
    who lane trim
    who elan trim
    who mitral ne
    who mitral en
    who trial men
    who trail men
    who mila tern
    who mila rent
    who mail tern
    who mail rent
    who realm tin
    who realm nit
    who real mint
    who earl mint
    who malt rein
    who lam inter
    who lam inert
    who minaret l
    who martin el
    who train elm
    who rain melt
    who reman til
    who reman lit
    who near milt
    who earn milt
    who rant mile
    who rant lime
    who mater nil
    who ream lint
    who mare lint
    who tram line
    who tram lien
    who mart line
    who mart lien
    who ram inlet
    who mar inlet
    who arm inlet
    who at merlin
    how terminal
    how retinal m
    how reliant m
    how mineral t
    how marlin et
    how nail term
    how lain term
    how rental mi
    how antler mi
    how altern mi
    how lean trim
    how lane trim
    how elan trim
    how mitral ne
    how mitral en
    how trial men
    how trail men
    how mila tern
    how mila rent
    how mail tern
    how mail rent
    how realm tin
    how realm nit
    how real mint
    how earl mint
    how malt rein
    how lam inter
    how lam inert
    how minaret l
    how martin el
    how train elm
    how rain melt
    how reman til
    how reman lit
    how near milt
    how earn milt
    how rant mile
    how rant lime
    how mater nil
    how ream lint
    how mare lint
    how tram line
    how tram lien
    how mart line
    how mart lien
    how ram inlet
    how mar inlet
    how arm inlet
    how at merlin
    two mineral h
    two marlin he
    two marlin eh
    two renal him
    two learn him
    two rain helm
    two harem nil
    two harm line
    two harm lien
    two ha merlin
    two ah merlin
    tow mineral h
    tow marlin he
    tow marlin eh
    tow renal him
    tow learn him
    tow rain helm
    tow harem nil
    tow harm line
    tow harm lien
    tow ha merlin
    tow ah merlin
    mow retinal h
    mow reliant h
    mow rental hi
    mow antler hi
    mow altern hi
    mow renal hit
    mow learn hit
    mow trial hen
    mow trail hen
    mow rail then
    mow liar then
    mow lair then
    mow hail tern
    mow hail rent
    mow real thin
    mow real hint
    mow earl thin
    mow earl hint
    mow lath rein
    mow halt rein
    mow near hilt
    mow earn hilt
    mow ran lithe
    mow hair lent
    mow heart nil
    mow hater nil
    mow earth nil
    mow hear lint
    mow hare lint
    mow hart line
    mow hart lien
    ow terminal h
    ow marlin the
    ow rental him
    ow antler him
    ow altern him
    ow lean mirth
    ow lane mirth
    ow elan mirth
    ow mitral hen
    ow thermal in
    ow realm thin
    ow realm hint
    ow train helm
    ow reman hilt
    ow harem lint
    ow harm inlet
    ow hat merlin
    w terminal oh
    w terminal ho
    w retinal ohm
    w reliant ohm
    w mineral hot
    w linear moth
    w horntail me
    w horntail em
    w inhale mort
    w nail thermo
    w nail mother
    w lain thermo
    w lain mother
    w ethanol rim
    w alone mirth
    w mitral hone
    w halite norm
    w halite morn
    w hail mentor
    w mila throne
    w mila hornet
    w mail throne
    w mail hornet
    w thermal ion
    w armhole tin
    w armhole nit
    w morale thin
    w morale hint
    w moral thine
    w molar thine
    w hamlet iron
    w lathe minor
    w metal rhino
    w malt heroin
    w marine holt
    w airmen holt
    w martin hole
    w manor lithe
    w anthem roil
    w hair molten
    w hart oilmen
    w oath merlin

    Oh, betcha you meant "Hitler Woman".

    -- A
  11. chevyfumes

    chevyfumes Court jester Premium Member

    Feb 24, 2000
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    Watch for the muzzleflash!
    Do you want al 3930 anagrams????:p:
  12. chevyfumes

    chevyfumes Court jester Premium Member

    Feb 24, 2000
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    Watch for the muzzleflash!
    Too late..Nevermind...:haha: :haha: :haha:
  13. chevyfumes

    chevyfumes Court jester Premium Member

    Feb 24, 2000
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    Watch for the muzzleflash!
    I thought it could be....ALERT HIM NOW
  14. dremu

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    Feb 27, 2000
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    East of San Francisco
    That's good too.

    "How terminal"?

    "Who men trial"?

    Though "Worm hat line" just sounds ... wrong, somehow.

    "Lit man whore"? :haha:

    How about "Lo, man writhe"?

    'neath owl rim.

    -- A
  15. thatK30guy

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    Jan 12, 2001
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    Damn! Thats a lot of anagrams!

    The correct term is actually "woman Hitler". Just the other way around. Close but not close enough. :bow:

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