diesel/caterpillar mechanics make the big bucks or what? damn..

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by R72K5, Jul 4, 2005.

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    one of my neighbors he is a diesel mehanic and the other day he told and told another neighbor to look out for a turck for 5 grand to buy cuz he had to unload some cash cuz uncle sam was giving him crap

    so in the trading post he finds this 96 dodge ram 4x4 v-10 pickup for 4500, well he got it yesterday for 4 grand cash up above chicago soemwhere and its a badass sharp truck, real nice, i was like "holy sh*t, thats insane!!" my neighbor- whom was told to look out for a truck- couldnt believe it either, and they already have one ram 4x4 v-10 truck that they bought brand new, lol
    oh and this same neighbor just the other day had a nice three bay garage put up in his backyard by some company,

    and another neighbor of mine has been at caterpillar in peoria for about 12 years now and is nearing retirement age, he just built a brand new house across the way last fall, a nice big house, and attached garage, and alot of concrete, he had this crane company come and put it together and crap, it was crazy, and every night when he gets home he is in his three stall garage(also brand new) wrenching away on cars for ppl, and real nice late model stuff too,
    have no idea how he learned the stuff, i dont know how he could be what he is at caterpillar either, cuz i know he went straight from an aerosol can product plant to caterpillar when the aerosol plant closed about 12 years ago,
    im confused.,.,

    but anyways, damn i need to talk to both of these neighbors at least about being a mechanic for diesels and also about caterpillar

    what am i missing out on or not seeing here ?
    or are they really making this much $ ?

    maybe i should go to diesel mechnic school ?
    i wonder how these neighbors started out doing this line of work,
    this is why i want to talk to them sometime, if i can catch them,
    to me it seems impossible to get into it, i just dont see how,
    like innacessible, but id love to get into it, i just wonder what it takes, it seems like these older ppl just fell into it some magical miracle way and its all hush hush secret or something, is just how it seems really. hmm..

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    That can be partially true and mostly not true. All it takes is schooling, and then time and experience and a bit of good fortune to get on with a large company. Good money...probably a very good living but not likely rock star rich. I'm sure a lot of what you're seeing is the wealth gained by owning a home for 20-30 years.

    Anyways, if you get some schooling and stick with something long enough you'll eventually have some guy looking at your life from afar wondering how you got to where you are. Any career or trade takes time and dedication, it usually isn't just dropped into a guys lap like a lottery win.

    Smart move right now would be to get into some trade, get the schooling and get busy learning all you can in that trade. There is a real shortage of skilled tradesmen right now, and the wages are starting to reflect that. In our shop and experienced fabricator or machinist is gonna be getting $25/hr minimum to start, with $32/hr being the current max rate. With the difficulty getting good guys right now that is changing upwards almost weekly.

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    damn tR, you be rich! I make about half that, lol!


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