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    ok, I know nothing about diesels, and now I need to. My blazer was originally diesel, but had a 350 swapped in before I got it.

    So, Do the diesels use a vacuum system to control the air flow for the AC/Heater? how did they do this?

    right now I have NO vacuum set up, and am trying to figure out how to rig the heater up.

    83 k5 originally diesel, now 350, 700-R4 12 bolt rear, 33x12.50 BFG Trails (yuck), desperately seeking a lift
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    Because a diesel engine creates no vacuum on it's own, diesels come equipped with a vacuum pump. On a 6.2 it's installed where the distributor is on a gasser.

    All the usual accessories are powered by vacuum. Instead of tubing it from the iintake, on a diesel it's tubed from the vacuum pump.

    If you can track down your vacuum lines where they come through the firewall(as long as whoever did the engine swap didn't just rip them out), get a vacuum pump and see what controls what.

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