Difference between solid axle and IFS truck rear spring pack center pins?

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    Okay, I got my ORD 0 rate-add-a-leaves today. Nice stuff. Well made, finish is good, and even included some looooong center pins. All for $38 from Colorado to SoCal.

    Anyways, they are designed for the 73-87(91) solid axle trucks, but I talked to Stephen at ORD and he said they should work, but I might have to get a different center pin. I have looked at them, and the centerpin seems to be the same width, so I doubt I will have any problems with the width of the hole in it not being big enough.
    What I want to know is does anyone know if the heads of the centerpins are the same size between the 73-73(91) and 88-98 trucks?
    That is the only part I am really worried about. I am planning on doing it myself, but I will only have one day to do it, and I don't want to get it all apart and then discover that I need to find a new centerpin. Not my area of expertise by any means. It's my daily driver, so when it comes apart it has to go back together the correct way, and get me to work the next day.

    Oh yeah, forgive my lack of knowledge, but how do you tighten the nut down on these things? It looks like the end with the head has no way to be prevented from moving while you are spinning the nut on the other end. I'm probably missing something simple.......

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    you use an impact the leafs will hold the bolt if not use vise grips.

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