Differences in SBC water pumps?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by dyeager535, Dec 10, 2003.

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    Can anyone tell me what year GM went to the "bolt to the water pump" style power steering bracket for non-hydroboost systems?

    I got the semi-serpentine pulley system off of a 1986 monte Carlo SS, but couldn't check the water pump.

    I have a feeling a water pump from the SS would work, but I'm kind of curious when/if trucks went to the semi-serpentine (alt-water pump-crank serpentine, PS to crank v-belt) system, or if they stayed with V-belts until the full serpentine system.

    The bracket for the PS that was originally on this motor used a bolt that passed through the water pump, and threaded into the back of the bracket, the new PS bracket bolt just threads into that exact same hole, (which is obviously unthreaded on the "older" water pumps I have) without a "back" bracket.

    Also, the pump needs to have the "ear" (threaded hole) on it for the alternator bracket, although I think this is an almost universal piece on all SBC water pumps.

    As an FYI, 4.3 trucks (at least) used a spacer and stud on the drivers side factory "header" that is exactly the right thickness to use with my Hedman headers for the PS bracket bolt that threads into the first exhaust manifold bolt. Even with a thinner flange, a washer or two would make up the difference, and save you some money if you have a wrecking yard close by.
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    73, if not earlier, i have yet to see any sbc pumpsetup that doesnt use at least the threaded bolt hole on pass side of waterpump, 72 older was still short pump

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