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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by sled_dog, Sep 20, 2005.

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    I just signed up for it. 12 additional dollars a month for 4 months. I will only be living here for another 3 months so that works for me :D Figure what the heck I will try it out for a bit. Never liked it when my Uncle had it but that was back when it first came out. HBO On Demand sounds like one heck of a nice thing :D WE shall see.
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    We just tried it too...Comcast sucks though--a long rant,but worth reading...

    We were informed Comcast was "upgrading" the cable boxes to Digital cable,and our old box would no longer work in a few months--they offered us a free month trial of it,and since I love country music,I was eager to be able to watch VH1-Country and GAC(Great American Country)..I haven't seen ANY videos since TNN went out in 1998 so I was pretty happy!..I love the "classic Country" audio channel too,(I've heard songs I haven't heard in YEARS!)--and the "On Demand" video's you can play anytime are great too!..

    It's been a soap oprea here since we got it--first,the cable guy,who was supposed to come at 6pm,calls and asks if he can come earlier--when I was not home yet!--my 77 year old mom said ok--but she's against ANY cable increases,and does not understand why anything needs to be changed --already bitchin she pays 50+ bucks just for "expanded basic"..

    So the guy comes--she's in the bathroom when the knock on the door comes-she yells out "I'll be right there!--wait a minite!"--when she goes to open the door,the guy was standing IN THE KITCHEN!!--let himself in without permission!!--(I wish I could get in the house so easy--every time I try to get in the house is locked up like Ft.Knox!--but her senility must have let her overlook locking the screen door this one time! :rolleyes: )

    So naturally she's shocked to see this stranger in her house!--and the guy flips out when he sees a signal amplifier on the old cable box,something I added so my tv 200 ft away would work in my shop--he demanded to know "what the hell this thing is,a "cheater box??" --of course my mother does not know SQAT about TV's or anything esle--the guy hooked up the new box...then she starts grilling him about whether this will cost anything more--he tried explaining,but didn't answer her question to her satisfaction--when I got home she is in tears,all pissed off at me!..of course,its MY fault! :doah: :surepal: :angry1:

    As usual,things went south in a hurry--the digital channels said "not autorized" the very next morning after it was installed--I was in heaven the night before seeing all the country videos--now they dont work!--I call Comcast--a lady answers after being on hold for 10 minites--I explain what happened--she apologizes,and turns the channels back on--I hang up--and go back to watching the videos---

    5 minites later--the screen goes BLANK--then says "Not Autorized" again! WTF!!!!..I call them back--wait on hold for 10 more minites--I get some other guy in another state--he cant connect me to the lady I spoke too!--so I explained AGAIN how we are SUPPOSED to get the channels FREE for One MONTH--not ONE DAY!--he apologizes,turns them back on--I asked if they MIGHT stay on more than 5 minites this time??--"yes sir,I programmed it for 1 month.."... :rolleyes:

    Then,5 days later -WE GET A BILL FOR "Adiitional Services"--67+ bucks! :doah: :angry1: --my mother calls Comcast,and reams the poor sap a new bunghole that answered the call..they said even though it "shows" on the bill,she wont be expected to pay it,because its a free trial! :confused: --then why send a bill and piss her off???

    Anyway--she's not going to keep the digital cable--it will add a whopping TWELVE DOLLARS to the bill--of course,because I like the channels,its all the more reason for the spiteful beech to get rid of it--she wont do anything for me..I just wish I could get back to work,and either pay for it myself(and have the bill in MY name)--or move the hell out of this nursing home for the elderly insane before I commit suicide!...ARRRGGHHHH!!!!... :angry1:

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