Divorce help needed

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by BLZN4FN, Jul 30, 2005.

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    Ok wife and I are marital problems kinda like the flame has blown out.
    The wife went out on a girls night out thingy last night. She left the house at 4:00 friday night came home 4:00 am saterday. So I asked what did you do she said went to dinner then went to PT's which is a strip club. This is not something she has ever done (strip club) the club closes at 2:00 am we live about 15 min from the club To make a long story short I think she had a afair.

    Back to Divorce question.
    We have no kids. What about the house,camper,Atv's,Bills and the K5? Who figures who gets what? Does my wife and I sit down and say ok you keep this and then we sell the rest and put the cash to payoff bills or what?

    Let me know what you all have done and any tips or what ever you have so I dont get F**K to bad in this.

    One other thing my K5 is in my name only can she still take it from me?

    Thanks all
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    I've never ben divorced, but I have done them (I'm a damn lawyer), unwillingly, at the request of partners in a firm I worked for. I always tel people the same thing and will give you the same advice -

    1) Splitting the marriage up is emotional. Divorce is a financial transaction. Work out the "who gets what" as peacfully as possible. If not, lawyers will get it all. Ask me how I know.

    2) The second thing is that no one wins in a divorce. Everyone loses. Get over the notion that you can "win". Only lawyers win in divorce. Just split the stuff up and walk.

    3) Hire a lawyer. One for each of you. Not the cheapest ones you can find. Use them sparingly and just for the actual legal work. Pay now to get it done right so that you don't continue to have problems. Nothing in law is simple. I say this mostly because there is real property (a house) involved. If you get one lawyer, both of you will end up distrusting him and getting two. Ask friends for references. Hire one you feel comfortable with, you will work closely with him.

    4) Remember that your lawyer is not your priest, shrink or mom. They will listen with a "sympethetic ear", and may even actually be symtathetic, but the bill will still reflect the time. Time is what lawyers sell. I have told more than one client that I will mow their yard for $225/hr, but they would be better off using someone else for that service. Make sure you are organized and know what questions you have before seeing the lawyer. Don't call for updates constantly when there is a court date pending. This will save you a bundle.

    5) Follow the lawyers advice. It's fair to ask them why they give it, but they are rarely flat wrong. That is what you pay them for. This will also save you money in the long run. It costs a lot more to straighten out a mess than to do it right the first time.

    6) Do what the judge says. You will pay dearly if not. Also make sure that you are on time and dressed appropriatly for court if you have to go. Be nice in court, it goes a long way.
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    PM'ed ya Bo.
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    Not sure how it is in Co., but in Ca., whoever files first usually has a bit of an edge. Get a good lawyer, but it will cost you.

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