Do you have an S10/S15 thats sitting around?

Discussion in 'Southeast Region' started by big94gmc, Jun 16, 2005.

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    I think I might want to sell my '94 because money is just too tight to breath right now.... But if I do sell it, I'd have to have something to get me around and get me to work. I'm wanting to see if someone might have an S-truck that runs, is reliable enough to be an around-town driver, doesn't get too bad gas mileage, and can be had for cheap (couple hundred bucks). It doesn't have to be pretty, just enough so that it can be driven on the street and not fall apart. Close to the Florida panhandle would be nice, 'cause getting it would have to be on the cheap, too.

    Can anyone help me out with my search?? Thanks, ya'll.

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