Doing my homework really pays off!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by flatline, Mar 22, 2005.

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    About a week ago I was having issues with my Reddy Heater Pro 110, after using it for about 30mins, it would just shutoff and choke out like it was out of fuel, but it was full. I unplugged the cord, waited 10secs for it to reset and plugged it back in with the thermostat on high and the fan would not restart and it would not ignite??? ever since I have been working in the garage without heat!

    Well I wrote down the serial number and found the website addy for the company and downloaded the manual for the heater. I found a lot of tips/tricks about the heater.

    When I took the cover off the heater I found three things wrong.

    1. I noticed a loose wire just hanging from the body of the inside of the heater. I know its a ground wire as it's secured to the side of the body with a self tap screw. but I didn't know where it come from as the end was cut clean. ( I open up the manual and find a wiring diagram. Well it goes inside the motor.) ~ no wonder it shuts off! I opened the motor case and soldered in the wire where I found the connection had broken off. ( prolly due to when I moved a week prior )

    2. the air filters are really dirty all 3 of them! ( I clean them in kerosene and let them dry out)

    3. I notice that the fan will not turn easy at all? the gap in the rotor is .001 and the specs call for no less than .003 ( using feeling gauge ) so I adjust it to .004 and it rotates fine, that is until I put the air pump cover back on, then it tightens back up again. ( in the manual it explains how to surface the rotor so it doesn't bind against the cover. This is done by using 600 grit sandpaper on a flat surface and laying it face down and making 4 fiqure 8 patterns with the rotor ~ thus decking the surface )

    I reinstalled everything and attempted to fire the heater and...

    I GOT HEAT AGAIN!!!!! :D

    I was going to pitch this heater and buy a new one, I just saved a bunch of cash doing my homework!

    I was happy so I thought I would pass this along.

    Sorry, I just noticed I entered this in the lounge, not the garage. my bad!
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    That's cool. I have a 155,000 BTU and it wasn't working right so I blew compressed air into one of the hoses and it hasn't worked at all since! :eek1: :what: :mad:

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