dooor pins and bushings

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    Help!!!!!!!!!!!! How do you replace the damn door pins and bushings. I can't get them out. Do you have to remove the door before attempting to remove them. ??????????????????
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    Dec 13, 2000
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    AFAIK, yes. I guess if you got real creative, you could get a tool in there to cut the stock pin, but FWIW, I'm considering removing the door, since you can get the door off without removing the fender, doing the pin/bushing, and then putting the door on, hoping that the prior adjustment I did, was correct, and the slight sag it has now, will all be taken up by the hinge pin kit. Hows that for a run on sentence?

    You will also have to remove the fender if you need to get some door adjustment after the procedure. Basically the "hidden" hinge bolts are the ones that do the front to back and vertical adjustments in the door, the ones you can access are to adjust the door in/out.

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    Why insist on counting when the ring gear has the tooth counts stamped in?

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