Door alignment when top off

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by 72 cst blazer, Mar 23, 2002.

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    Just got my 72 blazer back from the body shop. Removed the top to install new rollbar and cage,Noticed that my door alignment was so bad with top off that both passanger and driver side doors were literalley so tight that opening them would result in some nice chips or gouges in my fresh paint.
    Suspect a wee bit of body sag with out the top on, anyone have any ideas on how to keep the body square with top off?
    Rocker boxes are brand new(boy was that a pain in the butt) body mounts appear to be ok but not alot of life left in them,i will be replacing with the old hockey puck method and going up 2 inches.
    **** Is there a way to reinforce the body from underneath?
    **** Done body lifts on pickups and jeeps but never on a blazer whats the easiest way to do with out hydro lift and a single car garage?
    Hey thanx for the Help
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    When you do the body mounts you will have to shim them w/ large washers to get the doors to line up.

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