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    hey all.... i just picked up some door panels from the junk yard today and needed to know if anyone has had any luck with dyeing/painting the panels to a wanted color.??? i know i can replace the carpet sections easy with new material... it's just the plastic i'm wondering about.... if anyone has done this or knows what to use i would appreciate it... oh don't bother to PM me... mine is still locked up.. just email me at home.... thanks

  1. dyeager535

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    Roy WA
    SEM dye seems to be well thought of.
  2. Skigirl

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    Dyed my dash no problem. Dyed my kickpanels too(down by the footwells) and it's scraping off a bit. But I did all of them with NO prep, and I think that's the problem. I think that, like paint, the dye itself isn't as important as the prep. And the prep is not just washing whatever it is. I saw a website somewhere that detailed the prep needed for dying vinyl, plastics and stuff, I think it was SEM's website. They have a whole line of prep stuff in addition to the dye.

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