Doubler w/F@rd 205 and D60

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    Hell O everyone,

    I just posted this in the ORD section but there are a lot more people looking over here so I thought I'd put it here too.

    I am seriously thinking about doing a high pinion D60 from a F@rd and the doubler with a F@rd np205 on my '75 Blazer (which luckily for me has an sm465 tranny and an np203 t-case just begging for the doubler). I found a F@rd F-250 Ranger at the junk yard with a high pinion D44 and what I believe is a 205 transfer case. I want to make absolutely sure this is the transfer case I will need before I go through the trouble of pulling it out and paying for it.

    So what I need to know is...what tell tale signs do I look for on the T-case? I belive I want a 31 spline female input, Is that right? What should the bolt pattern be? This one has (I believe) 6 bolts in a circle on the adapter side of the T-case and an automatic transmission (I have no idea what kind) with four bolts for the adapter. And I do not know what year the truck is because the VIN plate is gone. Also the t-case has a slip yoke style rear output. Is this OK? And can I change it fairly easily if everything else is right?

    Thanks in advance,

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