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    Jun 30, 2001
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    ORD staff or Stephen, I am ready to purchase a doubler kit and have a few questions hope you can answer. i already have a 203/turbo350 and a 205 that had a turbo 350 in front of it, my ? is can i use the 205 I already have or should I find a different one ? do you make a doubler kit for the 350 version 205? if not can I convert my 205 to the 400 turbo version 205 ? any help will be greatly apperciated. thanks.
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    Sep 15, 2000
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    We are going to be introducing a kit for the TH350 version 205, but we're still looking at about 2 months or a little more before that happens. If you want to do a Doubler before that, you'll need to do the TH400 conversion to your 205 to make it work with the current version of the Doubler.
    You may want to consider the TH400 version anyway for more "abusive" applications. The 32 spline shaft is a nice burly part. The TH350 version 27 spline shaft is pretty tough, but the 32 spline shaft is nice for ultimate strength and long term durability.

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