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    I currently have a SM465 trans with an 208('85).I want to go to a double T-case.I have an '78 203 t-case (out of an auto/TH350) and an 205 t-case(out of an '78 4-speed manual).What would I need to do a doubler?An adapter from a SM465 to the 205?and the doubler adapter?Thanks Mike.
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    Ideally, you will want a sm465 with a 203 adapter and 203.

    Then you will "simply" need a 205 from a TH400 with the short female input.

    Since you already have the sm465 / 208, and a 203. You can drill, tap the 203 to bolt to the 208 adapter, seems painful to me because if this is not ligned up perfectly you will ruin the inputs/bearings etc. Contact Apparently he has a kit to convert the 203 to bolt up to the 208 adapter. You will still need to machine the 205 for the bigger bearing, and buy the 32 spline female input.

    THEN you get to buy the doubler.

    Good luck.
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    You can adapt the 203 to the 465 using the 208 adapter, it's easier than it might seem since the 203 had the correct size bearing retainer to line it up, you're only setting the rotation of the t-cases when you drill the holes, the line up work is already taken care of.

    You may want to look around for the factory 465/203 setup, it's about 4" shorter and in a K5 that's nice to have. The 4" extra is livable, it makes the overall length similar to running a TH400 with a Doubler kit but as always, the more rear driveshaft you have the easier it is on joints. If you use the factory 10 spline setup you'll have to change your trans shaft, and have a 10 spline input gear in the NP203. We can get both of them, about $110 for the trans shaft and $165 for the input gear.

    to use the 465/208 adapter you'll need a 32 spline input gear in the 203 also, we carry them for $155 or so. That's part of the beauty of the 465/208 adapter setup, it's 32 spline.

    You will need the 32 spline input gear in the 205, the kit's $200 even and has the gear, bearing and a seal and gasket kit for the entire 205. Then it's ready for the kit.
    Hope this helps

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