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    My truck fell into a deep muddy/semifrozen over waterhole yesterday. The front of the truck was submerged over the top of the front bumper. I put quite a few miles on her in forward and reverse before I got out! Anyway, I got home and discovered I had grenaded the CV joint on the front driveshaft (I heard it snapping when I was on my last triumphant exit run). As I removed it, I could tell something wasn't right with how the corp 10 bolt front pumpkin yoke felt, so I pulled the cover and sure enough the front axle was filled with a mixture of water, gear oil, and sand. My differential vent is at the top of the front clip header panel, so I have to assume the axle shaft seals were shot. Luckily I have part time 4wd, and didn't use it on the way home. Any good ideas out there on how to douche this thing out without tearing it all apart?

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    Well if you do the same thing again, <blockquote><font class="small">In reply to:</font><hr>

    without tearing it all apart

    <hr></blockquote>, then the same thing will happen again. At minimum you need to pull the cover and drain the fluid/water/sand mix out, and clean the houing and bearings thoroughly with brake clean or good solvent. The hardest part will be getting the "grit" out of the bearings. You should pull the hubs, spindles, shafts, and carrier so you can replace the inner axle seals (as they seem to be worn), but that is up to you and what you decide to do with the rig from now on.

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    Has the yoke got any up and down play in it? Well what to clean with would be Brake cleaner.
    The big question is how far down to take it. If there is play in the yoke I would pull the pinnion. The play would indicate the bearings are screwed up. If no play well you might still want to pull it so you can clean the bearings. Mark the nut on the yoke so you can get the nut to the same point it was before you took it apart. Even with the carrier out you really cant flush the front bearings out with them installed.
    Here is the deal. you should put in a new crush sleave if you pull it appart and find the bearings are toast. if the bearings are NOT toast you can probably get away with retorqing to used bearing spec. The shims for the pinnion are under the bearing so if the bearing is good your not going to be changing the pinion depth. The carrier is the same deal. The shims are on the outside. As long as all the shims go back in the way they come out then you can get away with just pulling it and putting it back together.
    If you want to be real cautions then you need a dial indicator and check the back lash. I would get your self some THICK white lithum grease and check the gear pattern. Plenty of sites that will have pictures of what your looking for.
    If you start finding bad bearings it would be best to do a full set up and check.

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