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Draper Lake-Oklahoma City

Discussion in 'Blazin Trails' started by **DONOTDELETE**, Sep 18, 2001.

    We have a "secret" spot only known to people in the immediate area, apparently. I spent most of Sunday 9/16 out at Draper. After the recent torrential rains we have had here in Oklahoma City, the trails around this lake have turned into some very hairy terrain. I had the pleasure of towing a Ford out of a mud hole after he decided to be a gentleman and pull to the side of the road and let me pass! You definately have to look twice before going anywhere on these trails, even if you have driven them before, because the rain has a way of dramatically changing the landscape. A Z71 decided to go down a small hill he had been down before, only to become high centered on his frame because the rain had washed out the other side of the hill. It was a small feat just to get to the bottom of the trail to tow him down. We weren't able to tow from the top because of obsticles. I ended up with mud from roof to rubber after the day was done. The hill climbs also became a real challange, as red clay turns to slicker-than-dog-snot red mud when exposed to water. This place has more trails than a national forest, all in about 25 square miles. The wheelin' is great after a good rain, and pretty damn good dry. Plenty of rock, if you are inclined to crawlin'. Draper has it all, and within minutes of parts and gas, if you are driving. If you get stuck or broke and have to walk out, it can be all day. Definately some place you want to go with at least one other rig, but that hasn't stopped me yet!

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  1. DangerB

    DangerB 1/2 ton status

    Feb 17, 2000
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    Frisco, TX.
    That sounds like my kinda place. Let me find some new tires and I'll be there.

    <font color=blue>My stinkin truck works again!</font color=blue>
  2. ChadH82

    ChadH82 1/2 ton status

    May 9, 2001
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    Stillwater, Oklahoma
    I almost had to leave the truck there one time. I blew a tire and didn't have a spare on a Sunday. Nothing's open on Sunday. Luckily I had a friend that had a 33" spare to go with my three 38's.


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