Dream Death And Sleep Dropped In

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Resurrection_Joe, Apr 10, 2005.

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    Dear God my own mind scares me

    Disjointed and typed as fast as I can so I remember. It is all out of order.

    Everything was black noir

    Back of my cafe, I have a kitten with it's tail all mangled and cut off.

    I insist of branding it shut "Saying "Oh kitten, be as tough as me"

    I brand it shut half assed and it doesn't work but the kitten still loves me

    I'm on the highway near my house. Kids drop fireworks on the road by my mailbox. They get away but I yell. I can still hear them and talk. I dump water on the fireworks. It doesn't stop them all. They're all black cats.

    Dangerous game is loosed and a man I cannot call anything but superior to me changes springs in my gun and sends me off into the world. 22 pound instead of 15 pound if that means anything. Mag capacity increased also.

    The classic setting of childhood perceptions of my fathers barns

    Kids with guns

    I am in a spaceport

    Back in the back of the cafe I work out, more noir. Switch hit straight to a spaceship.

    I'm in a mix of 1940's highchool and future blues spaceport. I am some sort of outgoing version of Oni with two arms.

    I get bored being naked in the girls locker room, and go to the boys. Modified version of a short section of my highschool. I get to the boys bathroom. I step over a naked boy vovered in a towel. He's confused but reassured.

    Syndicate mafia type guys in here, all young, talk about the dead girl and what she meant. One has her cheap jewlery. I think it's cursed.

    I pee on my feet trying to use the mens facilities. I leave on some odd note. I am death walking. I have them tell me what to do and warn them not to go too far too quickly. They choose to have me go on instead of destroy the world.

    Some graveyard I know 20 miles away. Black and white and shades of grey.

    Broken face.

    Walking down a dark road with people who used to be friends when I still had some. I have a feeling they want me to steal food. I ask them if they have flour eggs and milk, cream and something. I tell them pancakes will lead the way, all poor men have pancakes. They fade as they always do. I'm alone.

    I'm driving some goddawful huge truck in the rain outside a throwback version of my cafe, and there are many other. I just go in circles. Old people I used to know tell me things I know or don't care abou. I hit the highway.

    The cafe is very empty, a dark rainy bus stop fits the mood more nicely. Its clean, but bleak.

    1940 1950 1960 Nazi Greaser Hippy. Longing for a life. I think I may have lived and died.

    I'm in court watching an older man being defended, in our old ag room. He has stolen chips and dip and vodka. A girl with a changing face makes a mexican buffet but I am disgusted witht he concept. We break free and go bounty hunting in space. Tuco lives.

    Tuco Lives
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    Whoa! I've had some really strange dreams, as I'm sure we all have, but I would never be able to recall them like that and be able to get it down on paper. I harldy EVER remember my dreams. Maybe once a month or so. Had a biy of a weird one last night, but the details are fading as we speak. I hate dreaming that something terrible has happened, and then waking up, thinking that it was real. It's usually a huge relief when it dawns on me that it was just a dream.
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    Like dreaming your falling........then waking up in heart attack territory.

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