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    I recently blew out my rear drive line because the previous owner who lifted my Blazer 6" did not extended the drive shaft. So, right now it has the 6" body lift and a custom drive shaft is going to be made for it. However, I was planning on removing the poor body lift and installing a 4" suspension and then a 3" body. Will the driveshaft that is being made for the 6" lift still be okay to use on the 7" lift that I plan on doing in a few months? I don't want the same problem to happen twice. Any info would be helpful. Thanks
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    I'm having a hard time believing you have a 6" body lift unless it is a custom job. Even still, when you lift the body the drivetrain stays put-nothing changes. When you say "blew out" do you mean separated your driveshaft? You have got to have some sort of suspension lift under it now for the driveline to separate. Which way do your front leaf springs bend- up like a smily face or down like a frown? As far as making the drivline work for two applications I would consult a shop on that. If you could supply them with measurements from the two applications they may be able to figure out something that would work. Measurements meaning the distance from center of the u-joint cup to the center of the other u-joint cup taken with the weight of the vehicle on the suspension. You can figure where the rear end will be for the future lift by measuring, basically, straight down the number of inches of the SUSPENSION lift. One more thing. If you can do it $$$ wise go with a cv driveshaft. Hope this helps.

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