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    hey all... it's been awhile since i posted anything... been traveling alot lately..... alright so far i'm dead set on dropping a 454 into my k-5 and upgrading my axles to dana 60 and 14bff with 4.56 gears... now what i'm undecided on is what transmission and transfer case to run... i've curently got a th350 and np203 with a 350 block... i really don't want to reuse the transmission unless i have to ... i would rather go with a beefier setup... any suggestions would be great.... oh and if you can give me some of the pro's/con's of the different tranny's and t-cases.... oh yea.. before i forget... i'll be runnin 38.5 - 40 tires.... still undecided..... thanks in advance
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    As far as a tranny I'd recommend the TH400 hands down. It's the beefiest you'll find in the way of automatics. The only cons of the TH400 is it adds about 70 lbs over a TH350, which I doubt matters in a heavy 4x4, and uses up a few more hp due to the larger internals, but with a big block you probably won't notice. As far as the transfer case I'd say the NP 205 is the strongest.

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