Driveshaft emergency

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    Hi everybody. I have a slight emergency. I pulled out my rear driveshaft to have the u joints replaced. The seal for the driveshaft in the back of the transmission was bad (leaking transmission fluid) so I wanted to replace it.

    In the process of trying to remove it, I scratched the inside machined surface of the cylinder the driveshaft slides in (don't know the name). I put the new seal in anyway, but then thought better of it so I tried to pull the new seal out. In the process of doing that, I broke off a piece of the lip the seal fits in (on the cylinder piece) since the damn thing was aluminum. I did get that cylinder unbolted from the transmission at least.

    So to my question.....What the hell is that piece and more importantly, can I buy another one new or will I have to pull it out of a junkyard?

    Thanks a lot for the info as always.
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    It sounds like you mangled the tailshaft housing. Which transfer case do you have? I would imagine that finding a wrecking yard willing to sell just the tailshaft housing would probably be difficult [​IMG]. You might want to try a tranny shop, they always seem to have pieces of tranny's and T-cases around. HTH

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    My transfer case rear housing cracked on me. Like the other post stated, I picked one up from a tranny shop for $50.00. The scrap yards didn't want to sell it separately.


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  3. Re: Driveshaft emergency - fixed

    Well, humpty-dumpty is back together again with new u joints in the driveshaft and a used "transfer case extension". It is running great. Thanks for all the help.

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