Driveshaft length on 6" lift, 84 k5

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    Driveshaft length on 6\" lift, 84 k5

    Even though I'm not as new as I used to be(now that I'm a full fledged jouneyman), I still have some pretty new person type questions.
    I recently had a tranny leak fixed. One of the bolts holding the t case to the tranny had stripped out the hole. A local tranny shop put in some threaded inserts and fixed it right up. While the t case was out, I had them put in new driveshaft output seals front and rear. But, the rear seal still has a slow drip. You can look at the t case output and see a drop of fluid on the edge. I bought my truck with a 6" lift already installed(springs in front, blocks in rear). Someone once mentioned the driveshaft might be a too sharp an angle. Opinions? Could the slip yolk be stressing under the 6" lift? I plan on some light off roading and want to have this leak addressed before I do so. I see there is a rear slip yolk eliminator kit for hte 205's. Is there one for the 208" How much? I have yet to see one advertised. Think it would be a good idea?
    I'm retaining my rear 10 bolt as far as I can go. I'll be upgrading to a locker soon. I have BFG Mud Terrain 35's on as well.

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    Re: Driveshaft length on 6\" lift, 84 k5

    No kits for the 208.... One thing you might have is a leak coming from the center of your D-shaft yoke. Jesse, from High Angle Drivelines, posted once about a hole of some sorts in the center of the yoke and they will leak over time... This may be your problem.

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