dropping t-case...and pinion prob question

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    i noticed that my t-case is at stock hieght...isnt dropped with the old spacer trick. To drop it...what exactly do I have to do? Is it as simple as using a bottle jack (or whatever) to hold the thing up...removing the bolts/spacers...and then rebolting it up using the spacers in the right configuration? Could doing this tweak my pinion angle or anything? I have the old slip-yoke 208 vibe problem already...so I doubt it could get any worse. Any ideas/thoughts?

    Also, I am installing my ORD shackle flip right now. While I am at it, I am installing revolvers and a pair of 1" ORD zero rates. Will that 1" ( + 1/8" from the revs) in difference give me pinion probs? I spose the only way to know for sure is to finish the install and try it out...but any insights would be greatly appreciated!


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    When I swapped in the FF I had to drop my t-case.
    I just mesured the holes , grabbed some square stock 1 1/2"
    used a floor jack and removed the old bolts. lowered the t-case and put the "spacers between the x-member and the frame, grabbed some longer grade 8 bolts and sucked it up.
    All told it took me 45 minutes.

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