Drunk Drivers... the new thread, update at the bottom of the first post

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    **updated info at the bottom**

    One of the worst nights of my life, that could get worse...

    Went out to grab a bite to eat and a few beers with friends. Around 10:30 we decide to head out to this party a good distance away before we hit another bar. We are headed down this long windy country road that you can really fly on. I've driven the route many many times in my life. I am doing I'd say about 60 or 65(speed limit 40). Come up on this car thats doing a similar speed. Well the guys and I are bull****ting and whatever. I am watching the road and suddenlly realize the car is like 1/2 mile to a mile ahead of me. The road makes a gentle bend to the right. I see the taillights make a HARD right hand turn, and then it looks like the car is on 2 wheels... I said something and no one else had really seen it, other than to realize the car was basically gone.

    So we come up, I see some branches in the road and say "oh this is why they made that wierd move...". One of the guys yells, "oh **** there is the car". Sure enough the car is off the road a good 10 foot and had slammed a tree....

    I lock em up and stop, I think a second and realize I HAVE to go back. I throw it in reverse and one of the guys calls 911. We stop and run to the car. Front end is gone. I start hunting for a flashlight in my car. Buddy checks on the guy in the passenger seat and asks him to move his arms and things like that. After the guy does it my friend opens the door and the guy gets out. He walks up to the edge of the road and lays down. Suddenlly another friend is yelling for help. That was the passenger in the car, the driver is lumped down in the driver seat out cold. She wasn't responding to anything, eyes open, twitching...

    As soon as I saw her twitch, I called 911 again. I GOT A ****ING BUSY SIGNAL! The twitch wasn't a, trying to move thing, it was more like the involuntary movement of a deer after you just shot it in the heart... She was breathing erratic and moaned a few times, never moved or blinked her open eyes.

    My buddy stayed with her until the paramedics showed up. The whole time the passenger is yelling the girls name and complaining about how much pain he is in. Someone asked him how much he had to drink, his respone? A lot.

    When the police and paramedics finally showed, they had to jaws of life the drivers door, and then medivaced her to the hospital, or were in the process of doing that when we left. The police said to us numerous times that it really doesn't look good for her, and the one who was running the scene said hes seen a lot of accidents and just looking at it doesn't believe she will make it.

    I didn't fully see her to know if I knew her or not, but she looked like a pretty girl. 18-20 I'd say.

    The passenger flew forward so hard, he broke his seat belt strap... She wasn't wearing a seatbelt.


    Making a new thread since the old one seems to have been ruined by the forum troubles. That and seems 2 newbies need to learn how to use ****ing PMs...

    She passed away at the scene, the cops were too kind to tell us. Probably didn't want us to know before her family really. My one friend spoke to her father, the viewing is Thursday, at least 2 of us plan to attend. Her father just happens to be a patient at the Doctors office one of my friend's mom works at(the one friend that stayed with her in the car until the paramedics arrived). its really a small world...
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    thats awful but its what happens when you drive drunk.:(

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