dual cb's

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    dual cb\'s

    anyone run 2 cb radios?
    i got 2. i have a small cb inside my center console cause it picks up better in the city and when i mess around w/ friends, but i have a larger cb that seems to work better on the trail than the small one, but the small one works better in the city than the big one
    the small one is a uniden and the big one is a cobra.
    any one else got 2 cb's?

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    Re: dual cb\'s

    I don't keep two installed but if I'm going on a trail run I try to take a long a spare. It seems that every time I want to use my CB, something's wrong with it. [​IMG] Mic cable flaky, mucked up antenna connection, etc. So I ususally take along a cheapie GE with an extra magnetic mount antenna, just to make sure I'll be able to talk on the trail ride.

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