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Due Diligence

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Due diligence
Well, the time has come for a few loose guidelines regarding what you should be doing if you are selling or buying something here at CK5.

We have always tried to help our members out and hope that all the transactions go smoothly. However, beyond banning someone for intentionally ripping someone off there is not much more we can do as Mod's.

So, "due diligence" basically means doing all that should be done to make sure there isn't any misunderstanding.

If you are selling something...

You must post a price, or what you expect in trade.

Be very clear in describing what you're selling. This is most important if there are multiple parts or partial deals. (eg: lift kit for sale...complete, or may sell individual parts seperately)

Take pic's of exactly what you're selling. If you're emailing pic's CC the email to yourself.

If you are using 'dibs' keep the list of interested buyers posted in the first post and update it as potential buyers drop out.

Save all your pm's until the deal is done and the buyer has indicated he is completely happy with what you sent. Be very clear about payment.

If there are updates or changes edit the thread title, make the edited part of the for sale thread easy to find. Post up a reply noting that the initial post has been edited or updated.


Make sure you understand exactly what it is that you're looking to buy. Post up your questions, or if you're pm'img save your pm's.

Ask for pic's of the exact part or item you're looking to buy. Ask specific questions about what is included and what isn't. Again, save all correspondance until the deal is complete.

Check and re-check the entire sale thread for any updates.

Get a tracking number, or whatever shipping info there is to be had. Make sure you understand the service level and what the cost of that will be.

When the item arrives, take some pic's and examine the item for any shipping damage. Check the packaging for clues it may have been mishandled. When everything checks out OK, send a pm or email to the seller inidicating everything is cool.

Clear communication is well over half the battle, do your part.

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