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    Man Charged with Stashing Pot Near Cop Shop

    (NEW YORK) Though people often ditch weapons and drugs before they're searched at a courthouse, they don't usually leave the contraband at the local police station.

    But police say that's just what 21-year-old Daniel Garcia did when he stashed $1,500 worth of marijuana under a rock near the Stamford Police Department on his way to court Thursday.

    When Garcia returned two hours later, the marijuana was gone. In its place, said police Lt. Jon Fontneau, was a note reading, ``You're under arrest. Look up at the police station.''

    Two police officers watching from inside arrested Garcia and charged him with possession of marijuana and possession of marijuana with intent to sell. He was released on $500 bond and is due back in court Aug. 11.

    His father, Armando, said Daniel Garcia claimed the police planted the drugs on him.

    ``I know my son has done some bad things,'' Armando Garcia said, ``but I did not train him to be this dumb.''

    Armando Garcia said his son has lived in New York since being kicked out of the family's house recently. Daniel Garcia could not be reached for comment.

    Fontneau said it's common for people to get rid of forbidden items before going to court.

    ``But I wouldn't say it's common to dump it 100 feet away from the police department,'' he said.

    Two civilian department employees alerted police after they watched Garcia put something under a rock outside a historic home just south of the police department.

    An officer asked judicial marshals at the courthouse if they'd seen anyone matching the description the employees provided. They pointed him toward Garcia.

    ``I've never dealt with Danny Garcia before,'' Fontneau said. ``But he's on our radar screen now.''


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