dumbest question ever asked you buy auto parts guy??

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by lifted95z71, Feb 27, 2002.

  1. lifted95z71

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    Nov 19, 2001
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    birmingham alabama
    heres a few of my favorites...one guys post in the what do you want 2 slap a gm engineerfor rememinded me of this..

    me: steering box for an 83 cj7 with power steering please.
    him: is that a fullsize or regular?
    ???? yes its the rare and elusive fullsize cj7

    me: lemme get a set of tie rod ends for a 79 scout dana 44.
    him: is that 2wheel or 4wheel? (dumb question one)
    me: um 4
    him: what size engine?
    me: i dont know. the axles in a jeep
    him: oh then what size engines in the jeep (dumb question 2)
    me: (i play along) 383
    him: i dont see that listed( while looking under 'scout', as if he would find a 383 listed anywhere)

    me: i need the console latch for an 88 k5 blazer
    he putters off into the back....
    i dont have one for a blazer but heres one for a bronco they are the same
    me: not thier not
    him: yes they are

    me: i need an alternator or an 88 k5 with a 350 and a/c
    him: ok there 3 wich do you want?
    me: the biggest one that will fit (i might should have said the most powerful one that will fit)
    so he brings me the biggest alternator they have for a chevy which ends up only fitting some deisel.

    at the tire place
    hey i want to get some 35x12.5x15 for my 95 Z71
    (keep in mind its sitting right outside the window in all its lifted glory)
    her: sorry but those wont even come close to fitting. they are too tall and you need tires for a 16" rim.
    me:the truck is lifted and i put on 15" ar's.
    her: i can sell you a set of 31x10.5.
    me: that would look kinda goofy
    her: no thats the size it supposed to have
    me: its lifted, i want 35's.
    her: listen they wont fit, they are too big (turns the computer screen around to prove it to me) now do you want the 31's or not?
    i walk out.

    thats all i can think of off hand. lets hear what yall have

    he who bash other 4x4, look silly when being pulled out by it.
  2. Triaged

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    Feb 21, 2001
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    CA (LA/OC area)
    I think the worst one is...

    Me: I need bla bla bla for my '71 Blazer
    Parts Moron: Is that a full-size?

    I have just started asking for parts from a K10...

    '71 Blazer CST w/ a 400sbc, 4" lift, 36" Supper Swampers, and alot of rust
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  3. BowtieBlazer

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    Jul 15, 2001
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    Baton Rouge, Louisiana
    I always love the S-series crap they try to sell me, or....
    Anything not related to the engine...
    I need brakes...
    what size engine?
    me: I need a u-joint part #
    him: Well we need the old u-joint so we know what size
    me: no you don't get it I researched this already I need this #
    him: wow thats too big and really expensive
    me: I know ITS A Hybrid joint
    him: whats that?!
    me: Gimme the damn part!!!

    Also I never shop autoZone because of most of the dummies:
    I walk through the door
    sales person: can I help you find something
    me: Nope!
    sp: whatcha looking for
    I walk to the puter look it up for myself
    me: ahhh part # 383793IHG
    sp: okay.....

    Definately a pavement pounder...with the caveman clutch

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  4. TorkDSR

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    Sep 1, 2001
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    bucks co pa
    <font color=red> WHOAH!!! HOLD UP </font color=red>[​IMG]
    some of those "dumb questions really matter" if you ask for front brakes and theparts guy says "rear pads or shoes" and you you say "I said front" then you look like an A$$. some of those questions really matter. honest. in some cars the difference in spark plugs depends on station wagon/sedan/coupe. and when you say "gimme a filter for 350" there are different filters dependant on car/truck/year.

    give the guy a break, he's dealt with more idiot customers that day than you have counter persons.

    that computer he sits behind governs the questions hes asking...it's got nothing to do with common sense, and im sure hes got some hobby that <font color=blue> you know absolutely nothing about</font color=blue>

    The kid in the food store knows nothing about food, so dont expect the kid in the parts store to know anything about parts.

    expect them to know nothing, then be grateful if he/she does.

    beligerence doesn't justify intelligence.
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  5. ChevyCaGal

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    Dec 16, 2000
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    Sacramento, CA USA
    Me: Yeah I need spark plugs...
    Them: What is it?
    Me: 86 Chevy K5 Blazer with a 350 V8
    Them: So is that 6 plugs you want?

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  6. Bubba Ray Boudreaux

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    Jan 21, 2001
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    Undisclosed Location
    Both times at Kragen, two different stores, two different people.
    Me: I need a rear output seal for an '87 Chevy Blazer, fullsize.
    Them: Four wheel drive?

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  7. tori89k5

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    Apr 12, 2001
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    Pismo Beach, California
    Nicely put TorkD,......

    "..... i need a .....whatever...... for my 350 chevy..... there all the same..... "

    1990 K5 4" lift, 33" MTR's, 14FF w/ Detroit locker, D44 w/ posi, 4.10's Raptor Tranny and Velvet Rides !
  8. loudnowlouder

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    Jan 29, 2001
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    Ellicott City, MD
    oh come on, you dont Really need 8 plugs..
    i drove mine 10 miles once on 4 plugs ( new headers, before i put the insulation wrap on...burned thru 4 plug wires...couldnt figure out why it started driving like crap...opened the hood and smelled that sweet burning rubber/plastic smell)

    he must have been tryin to save you a few bucks i guess
  9. TrcksR4ME

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    Feb 11, 2002
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    Seattle, WA 98103
    I agree...77 Blazer...Is that a full size or s-10....ehhh

    My other favorite...
    me: I need valve cover gaskets for a chevy big block
    parts guy: what years is the truck?
    me: the engine isnt the original
    parts guy: what year is the engine?
    me: dont know, 70's bbc, 4 bolts one side, 3 bolts on other
    parts guy: but you don't know the year?
    me: no
    part guy: (looks at me with that are you f**king kidding me guy look)

    now im not an expert, but I dont think there are many or any variations of bbc valve cover gasgets. Maybe on a new version, but the only ones I have seen are the ones with 4 bolt holes on one side and three on the other. They use to have stuff like this out where you could get it yourself, now you have to have bozo get it from the back for you. Ask them for anything Big Block and your in trouble, esp at like Shucks/Checker.

    As far as stupid goes, ever have anyone at a shop tell you that your lift blocks are effecting your driveline angles? !@#!??!!
  10. four_by_ken

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    Jun 9, 2001
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    Allenton, MI
    Sorry, TorkDSR... most of these people are idiots who know squat about cars.

    With my BBC CJ7...

    Try explaining to a guy that you are working on a Jeep with full size axles... 454... and you are doing custom steering that requires all full size Chevy parts. And try to get them to help you. Almost impossible since they cant do a thing without the computer.

    Luckily I am there enough that they just let me behind the counter and find what I need.

    I hate those plances. No more good ol' auto parts stores around anymore.

    Ken H.

    '86 K5 in parts
    1-ton 454 44 TSLs
  11. 83ZZ502_Jimmy

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    Feb 7, 2001
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    Richmond, VA
    I have to agree with the transfer case rear output seal. ......

    Is that a 2wd or 4wd?

    I mean come on! PLEASE somone throw this guy a bone.

    For real now, the most knowledgeable people for parts have got to be napa. They actually seem to understand me.


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  12. Mr.Chevy4x4

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    Jun 16, 2000
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    Sims, NC
    Me: I need a front differential pinion seal for an '87 K30 pickup.
    Counter-dude: Is that 2 or 4 wheel drive?
    Me: Dude, go back to flipping burgers at McD's!


    '85 K5 : 330 HP-350/350/205/FF14/D60/36 inch TSL's
  13. Greenblazer-AZ

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    Jan 4, 2002
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    Chandler, AZ
    When I got my K5 the transmission was blown, and when I pulled it out the bolts that held the TH 350 to the 350 V8 were different sizes. Some were too long and had washers stacked up, and some seemed a little on the short side. They required two different size tools to get them all off. This seems wrong to me, so I ask:

    Me: What size bolts are the right size for...?

    Auto Zone: We don't have that information, try NAPA.

    Me: What size...?

    NAPA: We don't have that information, try the dealership.

    Me: What...?

    Dealership: We dont have that information.

    Me: What do you mean, this is an extremely common
    engine/transmission combo and you can't tell me what size bolts to use?

    Dealership: No.

    Me: You can't even sell them to me?

    Dealership: No.

    Me: How am I supposed to get this information?

    Dealership: I've been doing this for twenty years, and I know that I have no way of getting that information and we don't even carry bolts like that. You have to get them at a hardware store.

    I shook my head in disbelief and left.

    Weeks later I need a metal brake line that I twisted off, so Autozone sells me a metric one that is so close that I spend 2 1/2 hours trying to put it on, I don't remember being so frustrated. I thought I was not getting it lined up right. When I finally realized that it was metric and was just a tiny bit off, I went back to Auto Zone and was ready to wrap that brake line around the idiot's neck, but I kept my cool and was informed that they didn't have the right one and couldn't get it.

    Auto Zone: Try NAPA, or there's a place that custom makes
    brake lines somewhere in Phoenix (big place).

    Me: Hopefully NAPA will have it.
    The guy at NAPA tried to at least find the right size fittings, but no luck.

    NAPA: Try the Dealer.

    Dealership: GM didn't make brakelines, they have to be custom built.

    Me: This is the second time in a row that you have turned me away without helping me with my Chevrolet, are you sure this isn't a Ferd dealership, 'cause that sign looks like it says Chevrolet to me?

    It was too late and too far to ride my bicycle to Phoenix so I went home and on the way I remembered that I have a parts truck. If you think it's bad having to deal with idiots behind the counter at Auto Zone try the Dealer. Of course I have to take some of the blame, because I don't know what I'm doing, I just like working on my rig. I thought when I need an answer that I could ask a proffesional. From now on I'll assume that the so called proffesional parts people know less than I do.

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  14. Mudfreak

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    Dec 16, 2000
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    OK, Here's one by a Genuine chevy parts place.

    After telling him the make and model........

    ME...... need upper cushion core mount and bolt for body mount.
    Him..... (after other stupid questions) Does it have air conditioning?
    Me..... thinking WTF! does that have to do with body mounting parts? HUH?
    Then he brings me out the wrong part anyway!

    88 K5... work in progress
  15. Confederate9

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    May 29, 2000
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    Greensboro NC
    me: where is your transfer case fluid
    him: what do u mean
    me: fluid for a transfer case
    Him what kind of car do u have
    me: 85 k5 blazer
    him: thise cars dont have transfer cases
    me: your a [censored] dumbass and should be working here, im gonna go somewhere where they knwo what their talking about

    after the manager heard that..... he came over and gave me the fluid free, and i aint ever seen the guy who said that there again......

    <font color=red>K5: Because size DOES matter</font color=red>
  16. muddin4fun

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    Feb 19, 2001
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    N Texas
    I'm glad to say my hubby is a partsman so I usually don't have to deal with that crap. He's also the guy that everyone comes to for really old stuff or custom stuff.
    Usually I'm nice to partsmen cause they do have a hard job. They're expected to know everything about every car/truck out there and a lot of partsmen (like my hubby) are required (by the customer) to know everything about every big rig ever made also...plus, knowlage about farm equipment. I know a lot of times Nick will be thinking about some really rediculous outlandish part and will just go blank when someone asks for an oil filter for a 350.
    So, usually I'm nice, but everynow and then I have to have fun with them since I know just about every partsman in town. My favorite is:
    Me: Need a thermostat for a '79 small block
    Them: 350 or 305?
    Me: *smirk* Oh..blue and white paint, blue interior, and a bent hood.
    Then they get it and laugh (only cause I know them).

    Nick will go all out for his customers, but not if you act like an ass. He's told people that he didn't have the part when he really did and has even told people to get out of the store.

    <font color=red>Stupid people shouldn't tell other stupid people how not to be stupid</font color=red>

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  17. Thumper

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    Feb 17, 2000
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    Alberta Canada
    I got one:
    Me: I need a wheel bearing for a 85 Jimmy 4x4
    guy: what size engine?
    Me: it doesnt matter... but 350 if you must know
    guy: does that have air conditioning?
    me: WHAT??? air conditioning for a wheel bearing? Why does that make it more expensive??

    and another
    me: I need some intake gaskets for my 85 Jimmy 4x4 350
    guy: according to my computer, that truck never came with a 350
    me: yes it did
    guy: nope... just a v6 or a deisel 6.2l
    me: what about a 305
    guy: nope
    me: ok, what about for a 79 Chevy truck 4x4
    guy: nope they didnt either
    me: ok, give me the gaskets for a 350 engine in a 72 Grand Prix
    guy: *stupid look* they wont fit
    me: yes they will
    guy: well, ok but we arent responsible if they dont

    me: I want a pair of mufflers heres the part number... 2.5" inlet and 2.5" outlet
    guy: what kind of vehicle
    me: it doesnt matter, I gave you the part number
    guy: well we have to look it up thru the puter
    me: what? you cant just sell me 2 mufflers?
    guy: look sir, just tell me the type of vehicle
    me: *frustrated* fine, 85 Jimmy fullsize 4x4, 350
    guy: according to this, you need these other mufflers with a 1 3/4" inlet and outlet
    me: but I dont want those... I want the ones I told you
    guy: but they wont fit
    me: *climbing over counter trying to grab him by the throat* [​IMG]

    I understand that they hire these guys without them necessarily knowing anything about vehicles, but I expect them to have a little bit of knowledge or common sense at least. If you go to the grocery store and ask for a certain type of flour, and the clerk wants to know what kind of cake you are making and for who, you would get kinda frustrated. Especially if he starts questioning why you want it, then tries to tell you that its not flour you need, but icing sugar or sumthin.


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  18. beater74

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    May 29, 2001
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    this SH!T belongs in non 4x4 forum [​IMG]

    try'n to keep the greasy side down
  19. solowookie

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    Mar 31, 2001
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    the one I love is the 89's only came with a 350 engine... we only have 2 parts stores in town, and both of them know my vehicles by heart (cuz they are both 89 k5's...)

    yet, the always ask me if its got 6.2 diesel or 350??? [​IMG] yet that always know the rest of the info???

    <font color=blue> Jeff - may the force be with you</font color=blue>
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  20. 74k5inVA

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    Dec 13, 2001
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    Virginia Beach, VA
    ok, well, I don't know if i agree with this. I tried to get a job at an autoparts store and they said that i didn't have enough experience for the job. well this is the same store that i had to go back to three times for spark plug wires becuase they couldn't give me the right ones the first time. all i wanted was plug wires for hei off of a chevy 350, any year would do since they are all the same. well the original guy didn't know what plug wires were, so he asked another guy and he said what year, so i told him 74 and he said, well that must be points, and i said no its hei, but 74 didn't come with hei he says, but that is what is on it. so he gives me a point system anyways. then i bring em back and then he gives me the plug wires for a ford. thank god i didn't ask for something complicated like a vacuum advance for the distributor. oh yeah i did, i even brought the part with me, so as to get an exact match, they told me that there computer doesn't list such a part under chassis. i guess not becuase it came off the engine. oh well. so to say that the kid behind the counter knows nothing of cars would tell me that i was overqualified to work at Advance Auto.

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