DUNES If we don't act now, they will take all our land

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    DUNES If we don\'t act now, they will take all our land


    As undoubtedly a lot of you know, an excessive amount of the closure
    boundaries are not well
    marked. The CBD was out in full force over the holiday week to
    document incursions.

    Here's how we can make their effort useless: Go to
    and generate the 3 letters you will find there. Send them today. You
    will also be sending emails
    at the same time. By doing this, we go on record and actually document
    the poor signage of the
    closure. IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT WE DO THIS. Should this issue go
    to court, the judge will also
    have our side to look at.

    In addition, the latest ASA newsletter can be found at:
    http://GlamisOnLine.org/ newsletter_1301.htm

    Vincent J. Brunasso
    Keith L. Rosewitz
    Jerry R. Seaver
    Mark Harms
    Grant George

    The American Sand Association
    To Unite, Inform, and Mobilize to Keep Our Dunes OPEN
    PMB 108
    1911 Foothill Blvd.
    La Verne, CA 91750

    <A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.blazen91.coloradok5.com>http://www.blazen91.coloradok5.com</A>
    Protect the land FOR the people
    Not FROM the people

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