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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Inu-Hanyou1776, Dec 18, 2005.

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    Who's in the know about DVD-HD? Will DVD-HD players be backward-compatible with current DVD's? I hope so. I've got a bunch of DVD's that I'd hate to have to buy again because the player I eventually have to buy to replace my current one (when it wears out) won't play them. I'd hate to have to buy them again because they are ones I could only get by ordering online.

    Oh what the heck, some of you are already wondering, so I'll tell you: Yes, these DVD's I don't want to have to reorder are InuYasha DVDs.
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    yes they are supposed to be backward compatible
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    You mean there are local stores that sell movies? =)) I can't even find half of the Steven Seagal flicks I want out here -- s'pose it's what I get for living in hippy liberal California. (Note: I'm a California conservative, which for you east of the middle is a liberal :haha: )

    ANYWAY. I cannot imagine that either (any?) of the upcoming standards would not be downward-compatible. It's like DVD-ROM drives (which, btw, is all a DVD player is) have the laser to read CD-ROM discs as well as DVD. Presumably the new drives will just add the blue or purple or infragreen-noodle laser to the stack.

    Now, the MPAA will want you to buy new copies of the movies, just like they wanted us to buy DVD's when we already had VHS or laserdisc. At least with DVD's they often put new fancy bonus features and stuff to motivate us to do so.

    I mean, "This Is Spinal Tap" has MORE deleted scenes than MOVIE. It's like three hours of stuff that DIDN'T make it into the movie ... it's fantastic, though spotty and often weirder than the movie.

    Google for 'Blu-Ray' or whatever the other format is ... but consider that DVD players, DVD-ROM's, all that will still be around for a few years.

    Me, I rip all my CD's into MP3, and DVD-Shrink all my DVD's onto my file server (see my redneck-nerd thread) so it doesn't matter to me what format they come in.

    -- A

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