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    Dec 20, 2000
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    i just got e-z lockers installed front and rear and they are bad ass however i dont know if this is normal when i turn i know they will lock and unlock but after two blocks of straight away it will just lock hard core my jimmy even feels like it shifts to one side and this happens every once in a while. when i first gottem they where fine no problems didnt notice a huge diff on the street im running 33's and 4.10's thanx for any help www.jimjim.coloradok5.com check us out in El Paso TX sorry dont know how to past a short cut for site
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    Feb 17, 2000
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    Re: E-Z Lockers are junk

    E-Z Lockers are JUNK. I can pretty well bet if you pull the cover on the rear that you will find that the walls around the pins have blown out and if your lucky the chunks didn't get trun through your ring and pinion. I have as yet to see a E-Z last 2 trail rides. Ask Big J Bear he tried them and blew it out at Tellico

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