eBay of the day - 44 reasons to buy this F150 lighter.

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by cbbr, Jan 22, 2006.

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    Wow, I can't beleive it. Look at this gem. I came up with 44 reasons for you to buy this lighter. And me being a 6 year ebay veteran isn't even one of them!

    [SIZE=+3]44 Reasons to Buy this awesome sweet Zippo brand lighter[/SIZE]

    1. The trucks wheels are turned. So you won’t freak out like it’s coming at you when you are wasted out of your mind.

    2. It’s made of metal. And it’s rare to find metal in this, it’s native form (a lighter)

    3. Your mom never let you buy one when you were a kid. Take that and eat it Mom!

    4. It comes with a metal case, with a cardboard sleeve. Two cases in one! Holy crap.

    5. It has a truck on it. Yeeeeee-haaawwww! Check out that truck!

    6. It’s officially licensed by Ford Motor Company. So it has better resale value than Chevy or Dodge!

    7. The lighter scene is printed in full color! Like HDTV, but formatted to fit your lighter. And crappier.

    8. It’s a Zippo brand lighter. Name brands always bring in the poo-tang.

    9. It has it’s own protective metal case. ‘cause nothing’s cooler than having to take your lighter out of it’s case whenever you want to use it.

    10. It still has the UPC, so you can return it to the store I bought it at in 1997. If you can forge a receipt. And have a time machine. Because it burned down. The store did. Not the receipt. I lost the receipt.

    11. It’s made in the USA! Just like Crystal Meth.

    12. It doesn’t just say ‘Ford’ on it, it says ‘Ford Trucks’. So nobody will be confused that you like pansy-ass cars.

    13. It has a warning that it is ‘not child resistant’. So children can’t resist it. So it’s great for kids. And it won’t rot their brain like Nintendo.

    14. The scene on the front has rocks and trees and crap.

    15. It’s got brushed metal on the front and back, but it’s polished on the sides, bottom and top. It totally blows my mind.

    16. There’s no child lock, so you can still light your fireworks with it when you are too drunk to stand up.

    17. EBay is evil and you can’t resist anything you might remotely want.

    18. “It works or we fix it free!” it says on the back. I put it in quotes because I want you to know that is NOT coming from me. I’m not fixing crap. That’s Zippo talking.

    19. Don’t smoke? Hate Lighters? Buy it for the irony. Your comedic friends will appreciate. And so will I.

    20. It says ‘keep away from children’ on the warning label. So if you don’t buy it, a child might. And it would be your fault. Kids are not afraid to sue these days.

    21. There’s a nice felt-lined insert in the case. This could be used for a variety of things! But probably the best thing to do is leave it in the case. Because it fits in the case well, and the lighter fits inside of the insert well. Almost like it was made for it!

    22. It is a ‘genuine windproof’ lighter. You smokers in hurricane country, take note. Use this to hold your roof down, ‘cause its windproof.

    23. You can do that cool trick where you open the lid and light the lighter at the same time. Or if you can’t do that, you can act like you are too cool and that trick is just ‘trying too hard.’ And then you can practice alone.

    24. No animals were harmed in the making of this lighter.

    25. It’s too big to swallow. (One less thing to worry about)

    26. The instructions are included. So you can disregard them and figure out how it works in your own special clumsy way.

    27. The sleeve is sliver, the case is silver, the lighter is silver. Hell I haven’t tried it but I wouldn’t be surprised if the flame is silver too.

    28. The whole thing fits in your pocket! How many lighters can say that?

    29. If you put it to your ear you can hear the ocean. And then if you light it you can smell your ear burning.

    30. It’s a genuine Zippo. Check out that other lighter you were going to bid on. There’s no ‘e’ at the end of Zippo dude. And it’s not spelled with 3 ‘p’s either.

    31. Fire is cool. Unleash your inner Beavis.

    32. You can scoff at the people with the 99 cent plastic lighters.

    33. This is the same style lighter that they used to light the Olympic Torch in 500 AD. Sure it wasn’t the exact style, but it did involve fire on a wick.

    34. The devil made you do it.

    35. If you don’t buy it here, you might have to go to an actual store and interact with other people. Ew.

    36. If you don’t do it now, you might never have another chance again. It’s your life. Live it!

    37. I take PayPal. I think I am the only person on EBay that takes Paypal.

    38. You can take lighters on airplanes now. It’s true. No, you still can’t take guns. Not sure about rockets.

    39. It’s never been used! Not once!

    40. Because you’ve read this far, and anything besides a purchase would be a waste of time!

    41. Do it for the kids.

    42. Please?

    43. No Reserve!

    44. Because I stopped at 44! (Screw 101)

    Buyer pays $5.00 fixed shipping Happy Bidding!

    [FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]On Jan-20-06 at 17:58:33 PST, seller added the following information:[/FONT]

    [SIZE=+1]Hey! This is an update. I have been informed how to read the date codes on this gem. It is a XV date code which means 1999. Amazing! From the previous millenium! And previously we thought fire was not invented at that time. Own a piece of history. [/SIZE]
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    Probably made in China (by the Wang dynasty) so it is rare.

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