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    A while back I installed an Ed650 on my blazer but never adjusted anything. There's 2 adjustable screws right in the front of the carb. I'm guessing one is for gas and one for air?
    I've heard to close em all the way down and open them back up to 3 turns each. Is this true? Does anyone have one of these carbs that youve adjusted and how did you like it?
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    The big screws on the front of the carb are for the idle mixture. Turning them in makes the mixture leaner. I usually set these at 2 turns out, start the engine, then adjust them for the highest RPM. I keep them equal, as in each one is turned out the same amount. There is another screw on the linkage that is for the idle speed, I adjust this next. If your carb has a choke, there is also a high idle speed adjustment.

    Those carbs come with a good manual that explains how to adjust them. There's a lot more to the adjustment than just the idle mixture and speed. The adjustment is pretty easy, if you have the manual and can follow directions. If you don't have it, call edelbrock and get a new one or borrow somebody's.

    If the carb isn't properly adjusted, you will not get the most power and economy from it.

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