ElDorado calipers/31 gal tank/sender

Discussion in 'General Parts for Sale' started by dyeager535, Aug 15, 2003.

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    '76-78 Eldo Calipers for my dad. $80 for the pair. Don't know much about them, not mine. (but I get to attempt to sell them) No ebrake levers. Apparently that is slightly less than what most get for core charge. Personally I think that's a little high, but what do I know. Should be rebuildable, (if even necessary) they came off of a car, weren't monkeyed with.

    Have 3 31 gallon tanks. 2 carbed, one TBI. Only one tank w/sending unit for carbed setup. All 31 gallon, all in good shape (some less surface rust than others, no dents or major exterior corrosion) none leak. TBI tank has broken interior baffle, can be removed. No interior rust. (except sending unit has a tiny bit around the top where the gas usually isn't) Unit MAY be "worn", it measured correctly, but the gauge bounced a bit when you hit bumps, or right after a stop or start. Can't be sure if it was sender or gage.

    Don't want to attempt to ship the tanks, I *believe* it would be larger than UPS' minimum size. If you know they will fit UPS sizing, I will consider shipping.

    Wanting $20 for the bare tanks, $40 for the tank w/sending unit. Not going to sell the sender seperate from the tank.

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